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You’re Invited: UrbanArt Mural Making Workshop

You have probably seen the multiple murals around Memphis, such as the iconic I <3 Memphis. Don’t miss a mural making workshop with the UrbanArt’s Director of Public Art and mural expert, Siphne Sylve. This workshop will take place in conjunction with the Memphis IOBY summit. You will learn about mural preparation and installation procedures. A great opportunity for local artists to get connected, learn, and invest their art back to Memphis. If you’re an artist curious about murals, this event is for you.

The presentation includes guidelines that are designed to help artists and community members determine the three key mural making components. The first segment demonstrates how to properly identify a feasible mural site and how to obtain permission from a property owner. The second portion shows how to select proper mural materials, and finally, covers several methods of transferring a mural design onto a mural surface. – Dr. Christina Lanzl, Executive Director

When: Tuesday, February 25. 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Crosstown Arts Gallery (427 N. Watkins St. Memphis, 38138)

  • Learn more about UrbanArt Commission here.
  • Learn more about IOBY and Memphis projects here.

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