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Foodie Review: YoLo Frozen Yogurt

There is just something about frozen yogurt on a really hot day that makes you feel so much better. Yolo was my saving grace this week after hot temps and hard workouts I figured why not treat myself with something frozen and sweet.

Yolo was the first self-serve yogurt and gelato shop in Memphis. Keeping it local they are a part of Project Green Fork and get most of their products from local vendors. Yolo has expanded to 10 shops, 7 in the  Greater Memphis area. From the inviting sorbet colors and spacious layout it is a great place to go out with friends on a summer day or after a hard night of studying.

IMG_4821 IMG_4824

In terms of flavors they have your normal strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate but then they have more distinct ones like Salted Caramel Pretzel or Caribbean Colada. And you can taste them before you dive in. In terms of toppings, my favorite are the cereal options like Rice Krispies, Cap’n Crunch or Trix but I also love pretzels and maraschino cherries! They have everything from local candies to Butterfinger or Snickers.


As you can tell there are plenty of options for dessert at this sweets shop so be sure to check it out:

  • Midtown:

6 S Cooper St
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
(901) 343-0438

Mon–Th: 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat: 11AM – 11PM
Sun: 12PM – 10PM
  • Erin Way:

559 Erin Drive
Memphis, TN 38117
901.683.0190Mon–Th: 11AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat: 11AM – 11PM
Sun: 12PM – 10PM

  • Collierville

102 E. Mulberry  (Collierville Town Square)
Collierville, TN 38017
901.861.0037Mon–Th: 12PM – 9PM
Fri: 12PM-10PM
Sat: 11AM – 10PM
Sun: 12PM – 9PM

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