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Xquisite Dining

When it comes to finding things to do, places to visit and great food spots in Memphis, I often look to Instagram to serve as a sort of tour guide.

I have been able to find a little bit of everything on Instagram from local bakeries to nail salons to hairstylists to great fashion boutiques. I often make note of the different places that I would like to visit and I slowly but surely mark them off of my wishlist. My latest find comes from local food spot Xquisite LLC.

I had been watching Xquisite LLC’s IG page @xquisite_llc for a few months and I would always wish I for one of their lunch or dinner plate specials. The visuals from their page made my mouth water and all could do was imagine how delicious the food would be for my taste buds. The chefs specialize in curating some of the best seafood dishes known to man.

Well the day finally came for me to give Xquisite a try. Upon my arrival, I could smell the goodness of their grill from the parking lot. There was a line forming inside of the restaurant and most of the patrons were placing to go orders. And finally it was my turn to order. Everything on the menu looked so good and I was faced with deciding between getting lobster, shrimp and wings or snow crab, shrimp, and wings. I glanced at the menu for nearly a minute before deciding on the snow crab, shrimp, and wings. Thankfully, the cashier Kelbee was very patient with me and he simply smiled as I took my time to think through such a tough decision.

My meal was divine and it was everything that I wished for it to be. The snow crab and the shrimp were covered with cajun seasonings and the mac and cheese was very creamy and cheesy. For my wings, I selected the honey gold sauce, which was very delectable. The owners and staff were very down to earth and accommodating to the customers. I appreciate local businesses with great customer service because this is a quality that is not present and consistent in all businesses.

So if you’re a seafood lover and overall foodie, then I think that Xquisite LLC is the place for you to visit. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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