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Working Out at ZenStudio, A Chic New Hybrid Fitness Spot in The Bluff City

Cover photo courtesy of ZenStudio

What an experience! I thought to myself after leaving ZenStudio’s barre bounce class. Although my legs were numb, I felt accomplished. The fun-filled energy that exuded the room during the workout was matched throughout the chic Poplar Avenue studio with a friendly staff motivating you on the way in and out.

I’d never heard of barre bounce until I visited Zen Studio’s website. Eager to try something new, I signed up for the free 7-day trial membership. Barre bounce isn’t the only class offered at the studio. There are at least 10 other combinations of classes to choose from including cycling and hot yoga. I opted for barre bounce because it sounded fun, and it was! The 50-minute workout required the use of a mini jump-sport trampoline with a barre attachment. Through a combination of moderate to intense exercises, we worked out our core, arms, legs, and glutes. Upbeat music played in the background of the slightly dimmed room, creating an atmosphere that was both fun and invigorating.

ZenStudio made its debut in the Bluff City less than 2 months ago (May 30 to be exact). Owned by Camden Hyneman, who also teaches classes, Zen has four other locations in Arkansas.
“I didn’t see many hybrid fitness studios like ours in Memphis and that’s why I decided to move from Jonesboro (Arkansas) and start ZenStudio here. Plus I love Memphis.”
-Camden Hyneman, Owner (ZenStudio)

There are very few gyms that I visit and leave thinking ‘I love this place’ but ZenStudio is certainly one of them. From the friendly staff to the extensive list of non-traditional classes, it’s no wonder this gym is quickly becoming a local favorite.

Zen offers a few membership options that include monthly or yearly commitments. For those who are unsure and prefer to take classes a la carte, there are single purchase classes as well. Zen also offers teacher, student, and military discounts. In addition, they have a childcare room for moms who need to bring their little ones along.

To check out the full list of class offerings, visit their website.

Or you can check them out on their Facebook page or their very interactive Instagram page.

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