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Wise Blood Dance Now Accepting Story Submissions

Wise Blood Dance wants to turn your life stories into beautifully choreographed narratives.

Wise Blood Dance launched this year as a means to fill in the gaps of missing modern dance opportunities in the city. However, it’s objective isn’t just to give movement savvy Memphians a stage to perform on. It’s also a chance for interconnections to be made throughout the community.

“A modern dance company isn’t what Memphis needs,” said Neile Martin Tubergen, Wise Blood Dance Co-curator. It’s inaccessible and resonates with very few people. What we need is a way to connect to Memphis through an avenue that we love in hopes that others, the public, will fall in love with it to.”

Whether it’s an account of a great love that began at Jerry’s Sno Cones, a childhood memory taking place inside the late Piggly Wiggly, or a comedic moment from your times in the hallways of Central High School, let the dancers moves do the story-telling.

“As a dancer and a choreographer, it’s incredibly easy to view dance in a very masturbatory, self-indulged way,” said Lauren Stallings, Wise Blood Dance Co-Curator.

Story submissions, both written and oral, are being accepted from now until July 27th,  and nine of them will be turned into dance works for the upcoming 2018-19 season. Stories will be picked based on creativity, inventiveness, and their authentic representation of the city of Memphis.

Not only are they searching for stories, but Wise Blood Dance is also looking for technically trained dancers to team up with the chosen storytellers to recreate their tales. Open auditions will be held August 5th at Ballet Memphis.

“Selected dancers will be hired not just on the basis of their level of technique and skill, by also on their artistry and their willingness to dig in deep to an exploratory, investigative process,” Stallings said.
“This isn’t just about a performance. It’s about being part of something that has the potential to be bigger than all of us.”

Learn more about Wise Blood Dance here.

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