Where to Grab Coffee Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I’m a little bit obsessed with astrology. I mean, how are we supposed to understand the essence of who we are and what we really want other than to leave it up to the position of the stars and planets—or those people who create all of the BuzzFeed quizzes. The truth is, our zodiacs explain a lot of our actions, like why we are show ponies, who we get along with, and maybe even our coffee choices. With that in mind, here’s where you should get your java fix based on your sign.

P.S. If you don’t like what we said, take it up with the stars.

Aries: Sweet Noshings

Only you, Aries, would go to a candy shop for your coffee. Driven by a desire to feel youthful and energized, Sweet Noshings is a compromise that could bring some light into your day, as well as caffeine. This place has a good variety of coffee drinks, from Americano to Mocha, and tea for the coffee-averse Aries. You can be serious with the best of them, but sometimes you just need a warm drink, a beautiful candy store, and a nice walk around Overton Square. Also, maybe some gourmet popcorn. 


Taurus: French Truck

If you are a person who likes a routine, loves a straightforward drink of coffee, and might even grind your own beans at home, then head on over to French Truck. While they offer much more than coffee (shoutout to their waffle sandwich), French Truck is one of the biggest providers of locally roasted coffee in Memphis. The New Orleans-based coffee company has everything for someone who thrives on a daily schedule, perhaps wants to brew their coffee at home, and has a long day ahead of them. 


Java Cabana: Gemini

Geminis often are pinned down as the duplicitous sign for their constantly shifting nature, but the truth behind the stereotype is that this sign is ruled by change. The world changes, the truth changes, we ourselves change, and Geminis acknowledge that and adapt. Which is why, dear Gemini, you should go by Java Cabana. A beautiful, restful cafe, Java Cabana has a variety of drink choices for those who would like to try something different. With drinks served in beautiful teapots and cute, unique mugs, Java Cabana has just the right blend of peaceful and individualistic to satisfy the restless Gemini’s spirit. 


Cancer: Ugly Mug

Cancer, sweet summer child, you have not slept well in years. Whether it just be how you experience life, with so many highs and lows, or just a phase of your life, you are nonetheless weary. Every moment has the potential to be hectic, every day feels full, and sometimes you just need some sweet, sweet caffeine on the way to wherever you need to go. You don’t have the time to sit down, and if you did it would preferably be at home on your couch. So at this moment you just want to go through the drive-through, and that’s perfectly alright. Rest soon, Cancer, but in the meantime go by Ugly Mug. Breath in the steam of your drink, feel the warmth on your hands, and take a moment for yourself.


Leo: Otherlands

Otherlands describes itself on its website as a “cultural oasis in a plastic wasteland” and what else could more perfectly encapsulate the Leo spirit than that? Everything here is made locally and from scratch, from pastries to pimento cheese. With free wifi, rooms with so many different seating options, and local music every weekend, Otherlands is a Leo’s safe haven. It is very much its own place within Memphis, and the perfect warm and cozy space for a warm and cozy sign.


Virgo: City And State

For those of you out there who seek every day to organize the chaos in your lives, make a point to stop by City and State soon. A shop split between coffee and candles/self-care products/mugs/clothing, it manages to handle everything within it proficiently. City and State searches out quality roasters across the nation, as well as makes its own specialty drinks. Try out their new Lumberjack Latte, or my personal favorite, the Cardamom Lavender Milk Tea. 


Libra: Cafe Eclectic

Beautiful, confusing Libra, you are a bit of a paradox. A fair judge, but someone who struggles to make decisions. Someone who despairs when faced with too many options, yet needs those options in case they want a specialty coffee to go with their panini. You want the world at your feet but you don’t want the burden of stepping out into it, and so today I tell you, just go to Cafe Eclectic. Pick something to drink at random, or even something to eat if you feel like it, and let this cafe take you away. You are in safe hands here, Libra.


Scorpio: Qahwah

It’s Scorpio season, and what better way to celebrate the passion and intensity of this sign than to go to Qahwah. With a nitrogen bar as of 2016 and something called amnesia coffee, Qahwah is like Starbucks if Starbucks was like 70 percent cooler and made Turkish coffee. Unearth your inner Scorpio and discover this hidden gem, nestled within the confines of Claridge House Condominiums. 


Sagittarius: Square Beans

You are one of a kind, Sagittarius. What better for the adventurer sign than Collierville’s only independent coffee shop? Who better to stray from the beaten path, from Starbuck’s enticing PSLs and pastries than the wandering spirit, always expanding beyond limitations and exploring the unknown. Secure a pumpkin cream cocoa, explore, and be cozy. 


Capricorn: Muddy’s

I stand by my opinion that Capricorns are definitely the VSCO girls of the zodiac signs. You, my sea goat, like to see and be seen, and there is no better place for that than Muddy’s. A Memphis icon, Muddy’s (specifically the Midtown location) not only has a full-service espresso bar, picturesque cupcakes, cake, cookies, and pie, but also fairy lights. I rest my case.

Aquarius: Avenue Coffee

You want your coffee with a cause, Aquarius. Everything you do has a purpose, from your food to your clothes to your choice of houseplant. You go through life with the best possible intentions, and though everything is not always under your control you do your best where you can. Go on, then, to Avenue Coffee. Every month proceeds go to a new cause, and this fall they have a slew of really cutely named drinks. Purposefully drink some coffee, water-bearer. Feel the good vibes seep in. 


Pisces: Cafe Brooks

Cafe Brooks is for all the Pisces of Memphis. For the people who feel everything deeply, who take in everything the world gives them to the point that they have little room for themselves, please head over to the Brooks soon. Look around at the art, absorb the stillness, and maybe afterwards go to the dog park or take a stroll in the woods. Sip a latte, small fish. Rest. Be well. 

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