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Where to Get Your Coffee Fix in Memphis

Memphis offers a wide range of options for every type of coffee lover looking for a caffeine fix.

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Location: 761 National Street

Monday-Thursday (7:30 AM – 5:00 PM)
Friday (7:30 AM – 6:00 PM)
Saturday (9 AM – 1PM)

In the words of one of its founders (Renata Henderson), “Cxffeeblack is a social experiment interested in exploring the impact people can have when they are empowered to live with no sugar and no cream. It’s a hip-hop cypher over a cup of probably overpriced coffee between the people who grew it, the people who roasted it, and the people who consume it daily.” 

Location: 525 S Highland St

Sunday-Tuesday (7AM – 6PM)
Wednesday – Friday (7AM – 10PM)

Where else can you grab a cup o’ joe, a glass of wine, and try your hand at mug making and wheel throwing? Pull up to Belltower Coffee and Wine Bar where you can do it all!


  • 505 S. Main Street
  • 945 South Cooper 

Monday-Saturday (6:30AM to 1PM)
Sun (8AM to 1PM)

Bluff City Coffee provides high quality Italian style espresso beverages, along with a variety of teas and smoothies. Their menu also offers fresh pastries, breads, and sandwiches. We suggest trying their caramel latte or americano. Free wifi available.

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Location:603 N McLean, Midtown

Monday- Saturday (7AM-3PM)
Sunday (9AM-3PM)

Café Eclectic opened its doors in 2008 as a small neighborhood coffee shop and breakfast cafe. Since then, they’ve expanded to multiple locations around town, and added their own bread bakery where they are dedicated to  making everything from scratch.

  • Location: 12 S Main, Downtown
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday (8AM -2PM)

Cafe Keough is great for a lunch meeting, an after-dinner coffee stop, or as a place to get some work done. The space is comfortable, mostly quiet and spacious. They offer a nice outdoor seating area, full coffee and food menu, cocktails, local beer, and free wifi. We suggest trying their green tea latte.

  • Locations:
    • 1707 Madison Ave Memphis, TN  38104 
    • 7609 Poplar Pike Memphis, TN 38138
    • 5030 Poplar Ave #7 Memphis, TN 38117
  • Hours:
    • Tuesday-Thursday (11AM- 9PM)
    • Friday-Saturday (11AM-10PM) 
    • East Memphis location open Sunday & Monday

Casablanca serves authentic Middle Eastern food, Turkish coffee, baklava, and is well known for having the best tea in Memphis.

  • Location: 2625 Broad Ave, Midtown
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday (7AM-6PM)
    • Saturday (8AM-6PM)
    • Sunday (8AM-2PM)

Focusing on high quality roasts and thoughtful preparation, City & State offer pour-over coffees, lattes, teas, plus a small menu of breakfast and lunch food items homemade by Porcellino’s. They specialize in a variety of brew methods such as V60, Eva Solo and Chemex so customers can experience a spectrum of flavor clarity and body. This is a great place to meet friends, catch up on emails, and grab gifts for yourself or others in their curated shop. 

  • Location: 358 North Main, Downtown
  • Hours:
    • Tuesday-Saturday (8AM-3PM)
    • Sunday (10AM-2PM)

Comeback Coffee, located on North Main, is a stylish coffee shop in the Downtown area. Comeback Coffee has many tasty options for its customers, including lattes, coffee sodas, pastries, and more lunch and breakfast options. The shop has seating available both inside and on the patio.

  • Location: 150 Madison Avenue 
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday (7AM-4PM)
    • Saturday-Sunday (8AM-4PM)

Lattes. Coffee. Cold brews. Croissants. Bagels. Crazy Gander Coffee Company has everything you want, and the bright ambiance is everything you need. Order “The Memphis,” their specialty featuring the Tanzania Peaberry bean and check out their mural outside, “The Crow Lady,” which is quickly becoming a familiar image in the heart of Downtown.

Location: 387 South Main Street


  • Monday-Saturday (7AM – 6PM)
  • Sunday (8AM-4PM)

Located in Downtown, Dr. Bean’s Coffee and Tea Emporium is a restaurant that has been roasting coffee for nearly a decade in Memphis. It is owned by Dr. Albert Bean, who is a medicine nocturnist and has a passion for quality coffee, which is why the beans are exquisite. The diverse blends consist of Ethiopian, Honduran, and other Central American flavors.

  • Location: 600 Monroe Avenue
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday-Friday (10 AM- 3PM)
    • Saturday-Sunday: (9:30AM-3PM)

Make Edge Alley your spot for a full espresso bar, breakfast sandwiches, lunch options, snacks, and wifi.


  • 1350 Concourse Ave
  • 395 S. Highland St


  • Monday-Friday (7:30AM-6PM)
  • Saturday-Sunday (8AM-6PM)


  • Monday-Friday (7AM-6PM)
  • Saturday-Sunday (8AM-6PM)

Toting that OG New Orleans goondness, French Truck offers rotating single-origin pour overs, espresso drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and other fun food options. Grab your coffee and a treat and hang out in the open atrium at Cross or take it up the famous red stair case and enjoy outside on the 2nd floor balcony. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Location: 123 S Ct Ave, Downtown

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (8:30AM-1:30PM)

When they’re not at Good Morning Gorgeous making coffee, their making music! This additional layer to Court Square Recordings, a recording studio/label created by Creative Talent Management, brings that vibes that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Location: 6000 Briarcrest Avenue 

Monday-Friday (7AM-7PM)
Saturday (8AM-7PM)

The Hub is located in Highpoint Church, and when you buy their coffee, you support local charities. 50% of their profits support non-profits that benefit Memphis, and you can even book their conference room to host a meeting.

Location: 1139 Brownlee Road, 38116, Whitehaven

Monday-Friday (6AM-2PM)
Saturday (8AM-2PM)

Muggin Coffeehouse is a Black-owned coffee shop located in the heart of Whitehaven. The owners, Ken and Mary Olds, “wanted a place where people could go to chill, catch up and recharge,” and they’ve successfully created just that! A few of their specialty drinks include ‘Flickin on Beale’, ‘Zippin Pippin’, and the ‘Bourbon Macchiato’. They also also serve pastries including muffins, scones and cupcakes, cakes, and cookies.


Location: 641 South Cooper Street Memphis, TN 38104

Monday-Tuesday (7AM-3PM)
Wednesday-Sunday (7AM-7PM)

Otherlands is a great place to go to get out of your home or office and get some work done, meet with a friend, or just relax. There are plenty of tables, chairs, and a few couches. Their menu offers brewed coffee, espresso drinks, frozen drinks, teas, smoothies, muffins, bagels, breakfast burritos, soup, sandwiches, and more. They also host live local music often, and you can keep up with their updates here. Free wifi available.

Location: 109 N Main St, Downtown

Monday-Saturday (7AM-6PM)

Qahwa Coffee Bar (pronounced KAH-HWAH) is located on the ground floor of the Claridge House condos. Qahwa offers a full coffee bar with hot and cold espresso drinks, teas, fruit smoothies, pastries and sandwiches. Check out the room in the back (a bank safe turned into a private dining space). We suggest trying their chai latte with a shot of espresso and homemade granola bars. Free wifi available.

Location: 583 Scott Street, Midtown

Monday-Saturday (8AM-10PM)
Sunday (12PM-10PM)

Where also can you get caffeinated while catching air?? Society Memphis Skatepark doesn’t just have primo ramps and rails, but they are ready to serve up a steamy hot cup of craft coffee to get you going!

Location: 122 Gayoso St, Downtown

Monday-Friday: (7AM- 2PM)
Saturday-Sunday: (8AM- 2PM)

Tamp & Tap brings something unique to the table: artisan coffee and local craft beers. This is the perfect place to unwind with friends after a long day of work or just a cool spot to grab breakfast or lunch. Tamp and Tap has two happy hours every week day, one from 10am-11am and one from 5pm-6pm. During both happy hours, all drinks (beer, coffee, whatever) are $1 off. On Thursday nights (Pint Night), drafts are $3 from 5pm-close. We suggest trying the chai latte or roasted marshmallow hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. Free wifi available.

Location: 477 South Main


  • Monday-Thursday (7AM-4PM)
  • Friday-Sunday (7AM to 5PM)

They had us at bourbon, barrel-aged coffee. If you love specialty coffee, Vice & Virtue is the perfect place for you to sit and sip.

Where is your favorite coffee spot in Memphis?

What drinks do you recommend?

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