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What’s There in the Square: Collierville Edition

Town squares are often hidden gems. Considering they usually refer to the older part of a town, they tend to be out of the way and don’t always offer services one might need on a daily basis. As a result, the small shops and tasty restaurants don’t get the recognition they deserve. Let’s fix that, shall we?

To begin, we are going to visit Main Street Collierville, Collierville’s town square. This place is spectacular, and that’s not coming from just a Memphian. It has been listed on several “Best Town Squares in the U.S.” lists and has earned nothing but raving reviews on websites such as Tripadvisor.

Let’s take this place category by category, and break down what’s there in the Collierville square.

Square Beans Coffee in Collierville

Photo: Amanda Hill


Let’s be honest, this is what everyone wants to know. Inevitably, a town square is going to have small, locally owned restaurants. The real question is not what they are, but how good are they?

Square Beans Coffee Company

Local coffee shops are always promising, Square Beans answers the call. French press, iced coffee, chai tea lattes, smoothies, and more! Get your coffee in the morning and come back for some gelato later in the day.

Cafe Piazza

Very good is the answer. Cafe Piazza is situated in an early 1900’s home on the town square. If upscale Italian food and really good wine is your thing, then Cafe Piazza is a place you will want to check out. Drop in for traditional Italian appetizers such as breadsticks and stay for the pizza or pasta that’s to follow. And if you like wine, there’s probably something for you on the menu (but that’s for you to decide).

The food is only part of the Cafe Piazza experience. There are three different ways to dine in this home. You can enjoy your Italian feast on the porch overlooking the town square if you so desire, or you can eat in the green room or yellow room. The green room has stucco walls and rustic wood beams with two original fireplaces. The yellow room features black and white family photos with the original hardwood floors. It’s here that guests will find photos of Mrs. Sarah Jones Houston who grew up in the home.

Raven & Lily Restaurant

Raven & Lily, a locally owned southern eclectic bistro will be coming to the square in August 2018. The fine dining restaurant will also be serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Raven & Lily Restaurant was first started in January 2017, by Justin Young and his wife, Amy. It is currently located in Oakland, TN.

The Silver Caboose Restaurant and Soda Fountain

A southern town square has to have at least one Southern cuisine restaurant, right? Well don’t worry, the Silver Caboose has you covered. The Silver Caboose, according to their website, “is about tradition,” followed by “tried and true recipes by our mothers and grandmothers.” Yes, please. After enjoying fried pickles and the Caboose’s chicken salad, the adventure only continues at the soda fountain. It’s got marble countertops and old-fashioned soda pumps. Finish off your experience with a banana split, ice cream sundae, or ice cream float.

For the sake of time, let’s move on to another category, but you can visit Main Street Collierville’s Website to get the full spread of food.

Collierville Town Square

Photo: Town of Collierville


Most town squares have a historic element that adds to the environment. In Collierville, there is Town Square Park in the middle of all the businesses. The park features a log cabin and a gazebo in the middle which hosts all kinds of events including holiday events and an annual free music series. Many of the businesses are situated in early 1900’s homes around the outside of the square. With a train track running through the square, there are rustic, old-fashioned trains perfect for that picture to document your visit to Main Street Collierville.


Dixie Pickers

“Vintage Finds and Fresh Designs for Southern Gentleman.” You know those awesome, old-time signs for Coca-Cola, Goodyear, or that famous whiskey company? This is the place to find them. Or if you need to work on your wardrobe as a southern gentleman, stop by Dixie Pickers to choose from an array of brands that will have you looking dapper as ever.

Sass It Up

Now for the ladies, a mother-daughter duo took their at-home embroidery business to the next level with Sass It Up boutique. The store offers embroidery services to either accessories or clothing and clothing ranges from infants all the way to women. They also have an online store at your disposal.

Again, these are not the only places to shop at the town square, but we would be here all day, visit the link above to browse all of the shopping Collierville’s town square has to offer.

Not every shop or restaurant was mentioned here, not even close, so make sure you check out the town square website so you don’t miss out on anything.

Stay tuned to Choose901 as we break down other town squares in the Memphis area in the coming weeks.

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