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What The News Missed: Reconciliation in the Face of Youth Violence

By now we’ve all heard about the incident of youth violence that happened outside a Memphis grocery store and the punishments many of those teens have been given. What you haven’t heard is what one of the reporters on that story put up on her Facebook page. That’s the story of reconciliation that has come out of that incident between some of the families involved. The amazing part is what happened outside the courtroom. Read the reporter’s account below.

As we all walked out of the courtroom the victims father, Mark Sauser, was stopped by the two mothers (of suspects). They were in tears, saying that they are sorry for what their boys did to his so, and that had their son been attacked they would be very upset.

After a hug one mother said “I wish my son was here to say he is sorry.”

“Tell him I forgive him,” Mark said.

The reporter also shared a photo, of the moment the two families embraced.

Youth violence reconciliation

You can read her whole Facebook post here.

This is the future for Memphis. Yes, there are challenges but there are a so many people willing to forgive, to set the record straight, to do the right thing. Somehow this part of the story hasn’t made it into the news yet.


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