Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

We’ve Got Spirits: Meet the Guys Behind Pyramid Vodka


Pyramid Vodka is already growing after just opening its doors this year. The company is run in a North Memphis warehouse and includes a tasting room where they host events and are open Wed through Fri 2-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm for tastings and tours.

The brothers behind the business have a familiar name to Memphis foodies, Alexander and Winston Folk grew up seeing their father run what many call the best steakhouse in Memphis, Folks Folly. Watching that business grow and seeing the way it was a part of the Memphis community was an early lesson on what they’ve now started for themselves: a business that has Memphis at the heart of how it runs. The brothers told us the signature flavor profile is an example of how tangibly Memphis is making their business better. That flavor profile is only possible because of the natural purity of Memphis water. Watch the video, stop by for a sip, and most of all, tell your friends about the spirits of two Memphis brothers taking a chance, and making us all proud.

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