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21 Ways to Give Back to Memphis

Photo: Amanda Hill
Photo: Cause Play Memphis

Photo: Cause Play Memphis

Memphis is full of so many people doing great work. We want to highlight some of these local orgs (and this is by no means an exhaustive list) and give you the chance to check them out, share with friends, and get involved.

St. Jude provides world leading research to treat childhood cancer. On top of quality care, patients’ families never get a bill from St. Jude. That includes treatments, housing, travel, and food. The daily budget of St. Jude is $2 million and public contributions account for 75% of the funding. You can help by making a single donation or a monthly donation online. Check out the new technology St. Jude has added to fight childhood cancer here.

Service Over Self uses several programs to assist in home building and repair in urban areas throughout Memphis. By using a spring and summer camp, a year-long internship, and an after school program, SOS seeks to spread faith by words and deeds. SOS provides many ways to give: monetary, vehicles, electronics, and more.

Memphis Athletic Ministries provides year-round mentoring programs for all at-risk kids ages 8 to 18 with 8 neighborhood centers. MAM utilizes sports as a way to attract kids to the centers and aims to encourage with a nurturing environment which provides programs to address physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs.

The Mid-South Food Bank wants to eliminate hunger in the Mid-South. Upon obtaining food or purchasing food, the food bank distributes meals to local organizations who then give the food to those in need. You can donate online, or you can go here to see where you can give food.

Just City’s Clean Slate Fund provides the needed funds to expunge criminal records for qualified applicants who have completed the terms of their sentence. This allows people who have made mistakes to get a fresh start in society. In Tennessee, it costs $450 to expunge one criminal record. You can help Just City by donating to the Clean Slate Fund.

The Church Health Center offers health assistance with wellness services, clinical services, and other services on the biblical basis of helping others in body and in spirit. You can donate money online to Church Health Center and you can give necessary goods too.

MGLCC empowers, connects, educates and advocates for the LGBT community of the Mid-South.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is dedicated to caring for kids in need of medical care. With many specialties, top-notch facilities, and family-centered care, Le Bonheur is one of the leading hospitals in pediatric medicine. You can donate online and find other ways to help here.

There are numerous ways to help the many refugees in Memphis who have left their home countries from fear of persecution and violence. People from countries like Bhutan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Iraq are all in need of your help.

You can invest in the education of Memphis’ future leaders, volunteers, and educators by donating to MTR Give. MTR is making an impact on urban education in Memphis with 6 partner neighborhoods and over 200 educators teaching in 31 schools all over the city.

MIFA attempts to unite the community of Memphis together by serving others. Specifically, they support the independence of seniors and at-risk families. Several programs help MIFA achieve that goal such as Meals on Wheels, Homelessness Prevention, and many others. You can donate online and you go can here to see other ways to give.

Teach For America wants to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by improving quality education for everyone. They believe that each child should have equal access to education regardless of race or socioeconomic standing. You can donate specifically to the Memphis program on TFA’s website to ensure that Memphis’ education thrives.

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis supplies support services and a “home-away-from-home” for families of patients at St. Jude. This service gives families more time to spend with their sick child and helps the children of St. Jude gain strength in their struggles. You can donate online and you can also volunteer your time here!

The Carpenter Art Garden works with neighborhood children and adults alongside local artists to fight blight and empower local youths. With multiple programs like The Purple House, The Art Garden, and Community Gardens, Carpenter Art Garden is making an impact in the Binghampton neighborhood. You can give contributions, donate art supplies, and recyclable items online!

Hope House is improving the lives of people affected by HIV with social services and higher quality early childhood education. Hope House provides daily services, education about HIV/AIDS to prevent the disease from spreading, and they help parents earn education and employment to give them independence. You can donate online, but go here to see other ways to support Hope House.

Streets Ministries engages, encourages, and empowers youth in tough neighborhoods with educational, athletic, and mentoring programs. Streets provides a safe place to hang out with friends, meet new people, and be encouraged by faithful people. Your donation will help Streets Ministries serve the underserved youth of Memphis.

Agape shows love to children and families by providing them with stable, healthy homes. With adoption services, counseling, and education, Agape wants to show Christ’s love for everyone.

The Soulsville Foundation supports the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, The Soulsville Charter School, and Stax Music Academy. Soulsville uses all of these places to develop young people and to continue inspiring the world with soul music.

Cause-Play Memphis is a team of costumers who volunteer their time by visiting sick and disabled children, and bringing to life some of their favorite characters from movies, cartoons and comic books!

WEVL is our local, volunteer run station that hosts 60 different programs each week by programmers who independently prepare their own shows. You can check out their donation wish list here, become a member, or volunteer to host your own show.

Looking for more ways to invest in the 901? Check out Volunteer Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey, Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, and WHEREweLIVE/WHEREtoGIVE.

Want to bring a team of volunteers to Memphis? Check out Serve901 to get started.

How are you investing in the 901? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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