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Watch: Service First at the Bikesmith

“We don’t want this shop to be intimidating with the mechanics hidden in the back.”

Jim and Julia Steffen knew they wanted to open a bike shop. After sharpening his mechanic skills by working on kids’ bikes at community centers, Jim realized a mobile bike shop could reach people without access to a neighborhood bike shop, and The Bikesmith mobile truck was born. Flash forward and that bike truck has grown up into a full service shop in Binghampton with pump track out back.

The shop puts service first, with mechanic stands out on the floor so that customers can interact and ask questions while their bike is serviced. More than just a bike shop, the Bikesmith is a place for bike lovers to hang out and have a beer, or bring the family to hit the pump track for an afternoon of fun. Jim and his team to a great job of demystifying that two-wheeled machine that’s been languishing in your garage, and making biking as fun as you remember it being when you were a kid.

The bike shop is located at 509 N Hollywood, and the truck can be located anywhere you want it to be.


  • Tuesday — Saturday: 10am — 6pm
  • Sunday: noon — 5pm

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