Want to Be a Mentor in Memphis?

"Oh you want to be a mentor?"

“Who do YOU think you are?” are questions you may ask yourself when considering more formally investing in the lives of others as a #MemphisMentor. But for a young person in this city, you’ve got just enough insight to share, enough words of encouragement to speak, and just enough care to give.

Here are 7 local organizations that need mentors:

If you’ve always wanted a younger sibling, this might be your year to make it happen. Big Brothers Big Sisters has been serving our city since 1968, and they are looking for folks to keep that momentum going in 2023. For a few hours a month, you could be that Big Bro or Big Sis who helps their “littles” learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Since their beginning, BBBSMS has served over 65,000 children—and with your dedication, they can make even more impact by tapping into and nurturing the potential of our city’s youth.

Learn more about their mentoring opportunities here

We’d be willing to bet many of us wouldn’t be where we are today without all the loving ladies who’ve invested time in our growth throughout the years. Why not pay it forward and give the gift of good leadership to a young, local lady? For over 70 years, Girls, Inc. has provided  quality programming for girls in Memphis, and the Mid-South, that empowers and inspires them to be “strong, smart and bold.”

Click here to start the process towards becoming a Girls, Inc. volunteer.

The Grizzlies Foundation delivers critical resources to encourage and enable youth mentorship in Memphis, providing funding and technical support for thousands of Mentors and Mentees around the city. In partnership with local organizations and institutions like New Ballet Ensemble, Streets Ministries, LITE Memphis, and more, there are a variety of opportunities to invest your time towards tending to the success of the next generation.

Click here to join the movement, and become a mentor. 

Close your eyes, and try to remember everything that you went through during high school. Now, imagine what it would have been like if you’d had a mentor to help you navigate it all—the highs and lows of developing new relationships, the prep for college and career readiness, the search for the perfect prom fit, etc. Memphis Athletic Ministries‘ Amplify Mentor Program pairs caring adults with budding high school students to conquer all of the above, and more—and there are both in-person, and virtual mentoring opportunities available for you to make you mark on a young Memphian’s journey.

Sign up to be a MAM Mentor here

There are so many pathways to success, and you could help a middle or high school student determine what theirs looks like through the Streets Ministries “Pathways” Program. Right now, they have a list of over 20 mentees who are eagerly waiting to be paired with mentors that will dedicate one hour per week to provide guidance, emotional support, motivation, and more.

Submit an application here

For a moment, put yourself into an immigrant’s shoes. You’ve just arrived in a new country, you’re trying to navigate language barriers, and attempting to establish a new sense of normalcy while adhering to the cultural norms that are already in place. Now wrap all that up, and imagine experiencing all of this as a child. World Relief Memphis’ Mentoring program pairs mentors with immigrant and refugee youth ages 15-24 to help identify and achieve their life, career, and or educational goals.

Learn more, and start your journey as a WRM Mentor here

Managing your own emotions as an adult is already pretty complex, so it can only be that much more complicated for a child who experiences mental and behavioral problems. Now, imagine being a positive force in that child’s life—showing up as a friend who helps them build better relationships. Through the Youth Villages Mentoring Program, you can serve as a role model for your own Memphis mentee—helping them to build self esteem and to maintain the motivation to accomplish their goals.

Become a positive force with Youth Villages. Sign up here

There are even more opportunities for you to make a difference as a #MemphisMentor.

Learn more about getting involved from the following organizations and programs:

We hope you feel inspired to step up for our city’s youth! If you’re already a mentor, tell us about your experience. Who knows… Maybe your story will encourage even more Memphians to make a difference.

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