Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Waka Winter Classic Tour Heads To Memphis February 7th


The Waka Winter Classic Tour will be traveling through many southern cities including our marvelous city, Memphis. In each of the stops along the tour, the classic will be seeking up to five local artists to perform in their respective cities. The artists must show superb musical talent, skill in performing, ability to draw people in, and they must produce a sound that people will clamor for.

Memphis Musicians must sign up by January 15th. With all of the musically gifted artists in this city, it will certainly be challenging to make the cut, but, any local artists have the opportunity to show the musical abilities they posses. The group who wins will go on to play in front of over 20,000 fans during the Wakarusa Music Festival in the Ozarks on June 4th through June 7th.

Musical artists can go here to submit their group for a chance to compete.

Aside from musicians having the chance to prove themselves, anyone who loves concerts and music will be able to hear extraordinary artists at an exceptional concert. On February 7th, the Memphis picks will play at Minglewood Hall. The doors open at 8:00pm. The night will provide music lovers with a phenomenal show.

You can get your tickets for the performance at Minglewood Hall here.

For any further information about the Waka Winter Classic Tour go here.

And for more details about the Wakarusa Music Festival go here.


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