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Volunteer with the Kitchen Community

Photo: Kitchen Community

The Kitchen Community is a national initiative to provide children with an opportunity to develop skills in gardening, while also influencing young minds to make conscious health decisions.

The organization has developed over 300 Learning Gardens in areas such as Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and now Memphis. Being in such prominent areas, the organization is proudly impacting around 100,000 kids per day through exposure to fresh crops and developing techniques to grow and incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Youth engaging in Gardening

Currently, the organization is seeking volunteers to further develop their growing agenda. Here is a list of schools in the Memphis area where the school is impacting young men and women.

  • A.B. Hill Elementary School
  • American Way Middle School
  • Balmoral Ridgeway Elementary
  • Belle Forest Community School
  • Brownsville Road Optional School
  • Bruce Elementary
  • Carnes Elementary
  • Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary
  • Charjean Elementary
  • Chickasaw Middle School
  • Chimneyrock Elementary
  • Coleman Elementary
  • Cordova Middle School
  • Craigmont High School
  • Dunbar Elementary
  • Freedom Preparatory
  • Geeter Middle School
  • Germantown Elementary
  • Goodlett Elementary
  • Grahamwood Elementary
  • Hamilton Elementary School
  • Havenview Middle School
  • Holmes Road Elementary
  • Humes Preparatory Academy Middle School
  • Idlewild Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Keystone Elementary
  • Kingsbury Elementary
  • Kingsbury High School
  • Kingsbury Middle School
  • Klondike Preparatory Academy
  • Knight Road Elementary
  • Leadership Preparatory Charter School
  • Libertas School of Memphis
  • Lowrance School
  • Lucie E Campbell Elementary
  • Maxine Smith STEAM Academy
  • Memphis Business Academy High School
  • Memphis Catholic Middle & High School
  • Oakhaven Middle School
  • Oakhaven High School
  • Peabody Elementary
  • Raleigh-Egypt High School
  • Resurrection Catholic School
  • Ridgeway Middle School
  • Riverwood Elementary
  • Rozelle Elementary
  • Shady Grove Elementary
  • Soulsville Charter School
  • Southwind High School
  • St. Augustine Catholic School
  • St. John Catholic School
  • St. Joseph Catholic School
  • St. Patrick Catholic School
  • Treadwell Elementary
  • Treadwell Middle School
  • Vision Preparatory Charter School
  • Westside Achievement Middle School
  • WH Brewster Elementary
  • Whitehaven Elementary

The Kitchen Community builds Learning Gardens throughout Memphis to be used as outdoor classroom spaces. Students can become familiar with food as it grows as well as use them to learn about other subjects such as science, math and health. Volunteering during our Kick-Off and Planting Days is a great way to work directly alongside kids and get them excited as they get to prepare the beds for a new season.  – VolunteeringErika Hansen, Garden Educator

In order to sufficiently maintain and fund these gardens, the organization needs citizens to help build, develop, and fund their locations. This season, planting and volunteer days will be throughout August and through October. The events will be at schools in the Shelby County School District, the Jubilee School District, and the Achievement School District.

If you would like to either help or donate, visit The Kitchen Community and fill out this Google Form.

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