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Jan 23rd: Uncorked For Kids

For the second year in a row, Grizzlies Prep Charter School will present the “Uncorked for Kids” fundraiser. This wine sharing benefit will support local scholars at Grizzlies Prep. You can enjoy food, drinks (obviously wine), and a tremendous chance to meet those who teach, support, and encourage local children.

This Friday, January 23rd, you are invited to attend and bring your friends to show your support of these local kids. Tickets cost $25 per person, and teams of 1 to 3 are accepted. Each of these teams should bring bottles of Malbec wine to share with a 3rd that will be used as a prize.

  • Where: 300 S Main St.
  • When: Friday, Jan 23rd, 6:30pm
  • Cost: $25/person

Registration will begin promptly at 6:30pm. You will turn in your three bottles, get name tags, and your scorecards (you will use your scorecard to rate the wines you taste, and they will be tallied at the end of the night). You will begin tasting and rating wine at 7:00pm.

The team whose wine earns the most votes will win 40% of the wine bottles, second place will receive 30%, third place will obtain 20%, while fourth place will be given the remaining 10%.

To purchase your tickets please visit Grizzlies Prep’s site here.

If you cannot make the Uncorked for Kids event but you still want to support Grizzlies Prep, then you can donate to them anytime right here.

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