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Try Qahwa’s New Nitrogen Coffee Bar

Photos: Marie Fong

Qahwa coffee bar

Located Downtown, Qahwa Coffee Bar is an eclectic joint that offers a variety of coffee and tea blends, breakfast items, sandwiches, and pastries. Qahwa is earthy and genuine, catering to the many people working in the Downtown core. They’re a simple business that has enough of its natural quirks to distinguish individuality, allowing them to put more energy on the reason for their establishment: coffee. The name itself, “Qahwa,” refers to the original, Arabic name for coffee.  They are currently housed in two locations, one at 109 North Main and one at 149 Madison Ave.

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Recently, at the North Main location, Qahwa unearthed their new nitrogen bar which offers more than just coffee. The owner, Fred Othmani, hatched the idea and the plan for it back in October, and as of mid-January, the nitrogen bar officially became of service to customers. Intrigued, we obviously had to check it out.

 Othmani and two staff members, Mary Ann and Nikki, generously allowed me to sample each flavor. The nitro bar, operated by levers, offers eight flavors, each named after a Justin Timberlake song. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

Qahwa coffee bar nitrogen bar

The nitrogen infused flavors:

  • “Sexy Back” Brown Sugar Latte (staff favorite) – This has been a popular choice of among men. There’s a sweet creaminess that almost mimics the indulgence of a dessert but in a much more palatable and refreshing way.
  • “Cry Me a River” Black Coffee ***sugar free option*** – If I’m drinking coffee, there’s a 99% chance it’s black, so I consider myself an amateur-expert of sorts when it comes to the taste of black coffee. This nitro blend somehow adds a unique silkiness.
  • “Rock Your Body” Lavender Infused Latte (staff favorite) – Personally, I’m not fond of lavender, but somehow, this blend work, swirling lavender in a pleasing, bold yet background manner.
  • “My Style” Grapefruit Hop Soda (owner’s favorite) – Perfectly nostalgic, this is whimsical citrus bubbly recalls the memories of second grade and PB & J sandwiches.
  • “Take Back the Night” Mocha – Like the black coffee, this feels like a staple flavor. However, the nitro infusion creates a fuller flavor with more cohesion between the coffee and chocolate flavors.
  • “Still On My Brain” Horchata – Inspired by the traditional Mexican drink, the cinnamon tones and silky, creamy richness make this drink addicting.
  • “TKO” Roobios Decaf Red Tea ***sugar free option*** – This is a fantastic option for a simple, quality cup of tea with more smoothness than I ever knew tea could provide.
  • “Floatin'” Peruvian Green Tea (my favorite) – I may or may not feel like I’m on a little cloud of happiness, sweetness, and all things nature when I drink this. Plus, it’s high in antioxidants, so it’s basically the cure for sadness and the common cold.
Qahwa nitro coffee bar

Floatin’ Green Tea with Turkey & Chedder Croissant

Do your coffee-infested heart a favor, and pay a visit to this unique coffee shop for friendly and caring staff members, a comfortable atmosphere, and nitro coffee and tea almost as smooth as JT himself.

Connect with Qahwa Coffee Bar on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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