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Transforming Mud Island: Baron Von Opperbean’s New Adventure Awaits Memphis

Baron Von Opperbean and the River of Time

Memphis is about to experience an artistic revolution with the transformation of Mud Island’s Mississippi River Museum into a captivating immersive adventure called Baron Von Opperbean and the River of Time. This groundbreaking project is the brainchild of local artist and technologist Christopher Reyes, who is set to breathe new life into this iconic site.

A Vision for Mud Island

Baron Von Opperbean (BVO) promises to be an extraordinary addition to Memphis, showcasing the city’s vibrant creative community. The project, which will repurpose the 33,000-square-foot, 18-room facility, aims to open its first phase by the end of this year. Subsequent phases will gradually unlock additional areas, creating a continuously evolving experience for visitors.

“Mud Island is an iconic Memphis destination,” said Marvin Stockwell, the project’s spokesman. “We’re all fans of adaptive reuse, so having the new BVO make good use of an existing facility and play a role in Mud Island’s comeback is something that makes this all the more special to us.”

Visitors interact with a colorful, illuminated, futuristic exhibit in front of a detailed mural depicting magical and scientific themes crafted by the imaginative Baron Von Opperbean. This captivating display adds a unique touch to Memphis's vibrant cultural landscape.
In its simplest form it’s a playground where you can run, jump, climb, crawl, and teleport to alternate universes.

Community Investment and Impact

In a unique twist, Reyes and his team are inviting the entire Memphis community to invest in BVO through a campaign on Wefunder, a leading equity crowdfunding platform. This approach allows anyone to be a part of this transformative project and to benefit from its success.

“This isn’t a donation,” Reyes emphasized. “It’s your investment in a more creative Memphis. With $100 or more, you can help foster significant social and economic impact.”

The economic impact of BVO is projected to be substantial. An economic impact report estimates that the project will generate $66.2 million and create 566 jobs. The surge in activity and employment will greatly benefit the local economy, especially in downtown Memphis. 

Two people recline on a couch in a dimly-lit room with vibrant, psychedelic wall art depicting a large, fiery sun and abstract patterns reminiscent of Baron Von Opperbean's eclectic influences.
Think Doctor Who meets Indiana Jones in a Willy Wonka world of Magic, Science, and the Multiverse.

Collaborative Community Effort

Reyes invites local artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creatives to join in. The project will also feature advanced interactive tech, led by Kathryn Hicks, an expert in extended reality (XR) with nine years of experience.

“For me, this is a dream project,” Hicks said. “We will create naturalistic, personalized interactions that feel genuine and immersive. This project holds tremendous potential for Memphis, setting a new global standard for immersive experiences, and showcasing the city’s creativity and innovation on an international stage.”

A man with a black cap smiles while two young children hug him from both sides. They are outdoors near a house in Memphis, and the children appear happy, with one child holding a small object.
Christopher Reyes and family

A Family-Friendly Destination

For Reyes, the project is deeply personal. As a father, he is passionate about creating a family-friendly attraction that his daughters and other children can enjoy without leaving Memphis.

“I want my daughters to have these kinds of experiences before they grow up without having to leave Memphis and without having to drive five hours away,” Reyes said. “Let’s make something that’s authentically Memphis, and put Memphis on the experiential map.”

Get Involved

For those interested in being a part of this exciting project, there are numerous ways to get involved. Whether through investing, donating materials, or volunteering, the community’s support is crucial to bringing BVO to life.

To learn more about Baron Von Opperbean and the River of Time or to invest in this groundbreaking project, visit or the BVO website at

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