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Our Top 13 Videos of 2013

We made 34 videos in 2013.  Here are the most played ones:

1. Choose901 T-shirts

Coming in at our most played video is the announcing of our Choose901 Tshirts for the first time. After two rounds we’ve sold nearly 4,000 Tshirts! When you’re out and about in Memphis, take a look around and you might see a few people reppin’ their favorite communities through our shirts.


2. The Grizzlies Love Memphis!

Hear from some of our favorite Grizzlies players about why they love living and playing in Memphis.


3. Wiseacre Brewing

Opened just this year, Wiseacre is already blowing up the beer scene in Memphis. Brothers, Davin and Kellan, are passionate about beer AND Memphis.


4. Brandon Marshall

Local Graffiti artist, Brandon Marshall, has murals all over the city, and he’s also a really cool dude.


5. Memphis Tigers’ Head Coach, Josh Pastner

Meet Josh Pastner, and hear about how he became UofM’s Basketball Head Coach


6. Champion Awards and Apparel

Champion prints our Choose901 shirts and they’re a Memphis business that’s been around for longer than most of us have been alive.


7. Taylor Berger

An entrepreneur if you’ve ever met one, Taylor has started beloved Memphis icons like Yolo, Chiwawa, and Tamp and Tap. And he has more ideas for things we will probably all love.


8. Choose901 Night at the Grizzlies!

We invited a bunch of people who have “Chosen901” to come hang out and go to a Grizzlies game with us. It was so much fun. Watch this video to see how much fun it was.


9. Kerry Crawford

“I Love Memphis” creator and co-founder of 901 Day, Kerry Crawford, is known across the city for her love for Memphis.


10. 3 Artists 1 Yard

As the name suggests, this is simply 3 musicians playing a show in 1 yard around Memphis. It encourages community and collaboration amongst artists and neighbors.


11. Amurica Photo

This iconic photo booth/collaboration is so much fun and so is the man who started it, Jamie Harmon.


12. Kelly English

Before opening his newest endeavor, Second Line, we got together with Kelly English to hear about Restaurant Iris.


13. Get to know Shelby Farms

How could anyone not love Shelby Farms? Watch this to hear Eso tell you about all the reasons we love that place.


Click here to check out the rest of the videos we made this year!  Which ones were your favorites?


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