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Don’t Read Hungry: The Outrageous Treats at Miccos Sno Cones & Shakes

Photos: Morgan Smith

Miccos Sno Cones & Shakes. Home of the Freakshakes. We ranked their top ten most outrageous products ranging from baked desserts to the one of a kind Freakshake. Did we get it right?

Photo: Morgan Smith

Walking in, I met Molly Schubert and Devon Cline, Miccos’ best dessert specialists. I gave them complete control of my order. I only had one rule: use any of your desserts and rank them all from the moderate and realistic to the exorbitant and extravagant. Smile-ridden and creativity spinning, they began their list. This is what they came up with.

Photo: Morgan Smith

1. Blue Raspberry Sno Cone

This obviously has great raspberry flavor, yet it wasn’t too sweet. After tasting what was my first raspberry-flavored treat, I told them I’d be back the next day for a large. Moral of the story: Very good. Very blue.

Photo: Morgan Smith

2. Medium Micco’d

Wedding cake is another flavor I had yet to try anywhere, and I’m glad it was with the help of experts. I ventured where I have never been before, a sno cone topped with ice cream. A creation I will venture for now time and time again.

Photo: Morgan Smith

3. Brownie

Boy, do I wish this list was just brownies. Brownies are the epitome of fine desserts to me, and this one was top of that list! If only you could sample it through this screen.

Photo: Morgan Smith

4. Chocolate Ice Cream with Sprinkles

A staple of the cold dessert community. Creamy, smooth chocolate ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles is just what every Instagram foodie account needs.

Photo: Morgan Smith

5. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone

Cotton candy and ice cream are two things you’d find at a fair or festival, but you would never find me conceptualizing together until I saw and tasted this magical treat.

Photo: Morgan Smith

6. Chocolate Oreo Shake

That same creamy, smooth chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup hiding throughout. Crushed oreos lace the top only if you’re willing to not pick them off and eat them separate.

Photo: Morgan Smith

7. Banana Pudding

A treat that tastes just like home. I’m still wondering how they were able to travel back to my home and consult my mom on the recipe all within the minutes I received it after placing the order.

Photo: Morgan Smith

8. Hot Fudge Sundae

The sheer size of this is intimidating to say the least, but the flavor is intense, and I will finish this.

Photo: Morgan Smith

9. S’mores Sundae

A classic hot treat made over-sized cold treat to cool you down after a hot summer day.

Photo: Morgan Smith

10. Cookie Monster

To me, a four foot eleven inch girl, seeing this monstrosity come around the corner to my table had me feeling like one of those unlikely citizens seeing Godzilla stomp down their hometown’s street. This dessert is not for the faint of heart nor the meek. This dessert requires a team dressed in sweatbands and uniform jerseys running in to complete this delicious task.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page, but don’t do it hungry. Go visit for yourself and let us know how you would rank their desserts.

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