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Meet Our New Intern: Marie Fong

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It’s me.

Okay, fine, yes, I am moderately disappointed in myself for falling into Adele’s power ballad trap, but how many times in my life will I get to use that line–while it’s still relevant–to introduce myself to an entire city? I’ll answer that for you: once. And it’s now.

Hello, all of you beautiful Memphians and other inhabitants of earth. My name is Marie Fong, and my place of origin lies in Marion, Arkansas, but my heartstrings stem from Memphis, Tennessee. For those of you unfamiliar with the Mid-South, Marion is a rural town with a population of 12,345 people. Approximately 12,340 of those people are farmers, but that’s just my “guesstimation.” Marion is a quick 15-20 minute drive to downtown Memphis, so while I am from “The Natural State,” I can confidently say I have probably spent an equal amount of hours enjoying all the pleasures of Memphis as I have spent asleep, which is quite a sizable sum.

In addition to Memphis, many things occupy the chambers of my heart.

I, like the general population of social media users, have a love for cats and proudly claim four of my own in my household.


This is Benny. Don’t let the camera fool you; he’s 20 pounds of fluff and cuddles.

Though I am only a freshman, I have a heck of a lot of heart and pride for my school, the University of Memphis. At Memphis, I am pursuing a double major in biology and biochemistry, active as the Director of Alumnae Relations and Junior Panhellinic Representative for my sorority (Delta Gamma), Philanthropy Committee chair of Freshman Senate, a tutor for elementary schools through the West TN STEM Hub, and an Up ’til Dawn Team Captain. GO TIGERS! And, while I’m at it, GO GRIZZ!

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You may have heard about how we beat Ole Miss. It was a big-ish deal.

More than anything, I have an insatiable love for travelling. In the summer of 2015, I spent a month in Colorado volunteering on Kids Klub at Trail West Lodge, a Young Life family camp, and three days after I returned, I hopped on a plane with my sister to meet my aunt, my aunt’s friend, and my grandmother in Rome for a two-week European exploration. In my 18 years, I have been to 15 states, 3 continents, and 5 countries.

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Every Thursday at Trail West, Kids Klub hiked the Continental Divide with the families.

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One of our stops, Cinque Terre, Italy (swoon to the max)

Despite my wandering heart, Memphis is ultimately my home. It’s a place of growth, culture, opportunity, and a whole lot of love. Though I still am in slight disbelief, I am excited to introduce myself to you as the newest Choose901 writing intern, and I cannot wait to share why I, along with the rest of Choose901, believe Memphis is the place to anchor yourself to invest in good times, good food, and a great life.

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