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Photo: Black Millennial Political Convention

The Inaugural Tennessee Black Millennial Political Convention Kicks Off in the Bluff City

The first Tennessee Regional Black Millennial Convention will be hosted at the National Civil Rights Museum March 1 – 2, celebrating young activists, philanthropists, and politicians.

When LaTricea Adams moved back home to Memphis after a five-year stint in Washington, D.C., she was thrilled to see local millennials making strides in advocacy and social justice; but there was one problem. She noticed that the impressive efforts of her peers weren’t being done collectively.

“One of the biggest things I noticed moving back to Memphis was a lot of good work being done by millennials, but it was happening in silos. I was so impressed by the inaugural Black Millennial Convention that took place in 2018 in D.C. because it truly represented the solidarity that black millennials in Memphis needed.”- LaTricea Adams, BMC TN organizer

Adams, who is also the CEO and Executive Director of Black Millennials 4 Flint, decided to bring the summit to her hometown. To make it happen, she joined forces with other local millennials. The planning committee for the inaugural Tennessee Regional Black Millennial Convention consists of a mix of young change-agents including State Senator, Raumesh Akbari (D-District 9), Tennessee State Representative, London Lamar (D-District 91), Timothy Green (The Dividend), Kenneth Worles (Three (I) Creative), Britney Thornton (JUICE Orange Mound), Joshua Perkins (Memphis Urban League Young Professionals), Jamal Whitlow (Privileged Memphis), and Shelby County Commissioner, Tami Sawyer who was also recognized at the 2018 D.C. convention.

These organizers, amongst others, will sit on panels, discussing issues that plague communities of colors, while also inspiring black political leadership and civic engagement.  For a full list of organizers and panelists, visit the BMC TN website

Shelby County Commissioner, Tami Sawyer spoke on a panel during the D.C. BMC (2018) Photo: Black Millennial Political Convention

“This convention is the beginning of conversations that will transform our city for the better. Our voices, our future, and our immense yearning to make Memphis a better place has brought us to this moment in time. We are unapologetically loud and proud about our city and our space in it.”

-Timothy Green, BMC TN Organizer

Panelists, who bring diverse expertise to the convention, will speak on varying topics surrounding education, policy, and running for political office. Some of the sessions on the agenda include: Best Practices for Up and Coming Millennial Leaders, Modern Education and the New Jim Crow, and Sparking Revolutionary Movements through Intersectional Organizing. There will also be a breakfast and a luncheon, featuring a keynote speaker.

To make it a three-day, BMC weekend, organizers have planned other events in addition to the summit. A welcome reception will take place on March 1 at Sage Memphis, and a closing awards ceremony and after-party on March 2. The awards ceremony will honor millennial trailblazers in the fields of media, policy, and education.

Tickets for the TN BMC can be purchased via the website or by clicking here.

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