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The Hive Collective Launches Pop-Up Location for Digital Creatives

Photos by Noah Glenn

It’s a digital creative’s dream, a dual purpose retail shop, and a co-working space specifically crafted with the digital professional in mind. Launched by The Hive Collective, a group of local creatives, the pop-up location is open for the month of August as part of the Downtown Memphis Commission’s OPEN ON MAIN Initiative.

Through OPEN ON MAIN, the Hive is able occupy a rent-free downtown space that will serve as a multi-functional venue offering locally-made goods and a work space for digital professionals.  For a minimal fee, Hive visitors will be able to enjoy office perks including personal desk space, WiFi, and access to a printer/scanner, all while working around like-minded creatives.

“The Hive is a space where you can stumble, grow, and ask questions. We are here to share our experiences with each other and build mutual trust across our community.”

-Shelda Edwards, Founder (The Hive Collective)

Hive Founder, Shelda Edwards said the inspiration behind the pop-up stems from the overall mission of the Hive Collective: to create a sense of community among digital creatives.

“When you’re in a space of like-minded creative people, you get feedback and perspective, and the ability to move forward. Your skills grow with the collective.”

A grand opening Swarm Party is set to take place August 11. There will also be two workshops during the month: How to Hire a Creative (August 18) and How Not to Get Creative with your Taxes (August 25).

The Hive will conclude their Main Street stay with a trolley night celebration on the final day of the month. Despite the temporary stint, Hive members are hopeful that the pop-up location will show the demand for a permanent space and more focused resources in the future.

Creatives can enjoy the benefits of the location Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM. Co-working rates are $10/day or $25/week. The pop-up space is located at 100 Peabody Place.

For more information on The Hive Collective or upcoming events, visit their website here.

Stay connected with the Hive via their Facebook page.

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