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The Day Kimbal Musk Came to Town


Camino Nuevo HS 1494

Learning Gardens will be built in 100 schools throughout Memphis by the end of 2016 thanks to the nonprofit organization, The Kitchen Community and CEO and co-founder Kimbal Musk.

Camino Nuevo HS Kimbal 1476

Kimbal Musk, known for his role as philanthropist and chef, used his passionate drive for food and culture to create The Kitchen Community.  Recently, Musk paid a visit to Memphis on April 7, for the press conference at Maxine Smith Elementary, starting the kick-off of the 100 Learning Gardens Initiative with Superintendent of Shelby County School, Dorsey E. Hopson, II.

The Kitchen Community’s motto “community through food” holds true to its word as they focus on planting learning gardens in schools to help children observe, engage, and understand together in this outdoor classroom setting.


Lush Learning Garden

Learning gardens are raised beds with built in irrigation along with art poles and benches incorporated into a playground.  A learning garden gives students an opportunity to learn in a fun way while getting to be outside.  They are typically planted in high-risk areas, and are deeply encouraged for the whole community to get involved.

Camino Nuevo Learning Garden LA Kimbal 0888

Since it’s creation in 2011 by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson, The Kitchen Community has placed 200 learning gardens in the areas of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Colorado. With these 200 learning gardens, The Kitchen Community has been able to teach and engage around 120,000 students every single day.  The Kitchen Community aims to do the same in Memphis with fresh fruit and vegetable gardens, for all to come together and enjoy.

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