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The Box: New Fitness Facility Now Open

Photo: Garrett Pilgrim

Memphis has a new, more affordable fitness center called The Box, which offers CrossFit training, kickboxing, and Krav Maga. It is located next to the Rec Room at 580 Tillman Street in Binghampton, and is owned by Rob Yahn (founder of CrossFit 901), Sam Pike (founder of Endurance Krav Maga), and Bill Ganus (co-founder of the Rec Room). Marketing and branding has been crafted by Farmhouse Marketing.

Photo: Garrett Pilgrim

The Box’s workout facility.

The Box offers workout plans that fit your needs and skill level whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The Box’s CrossFit training fits your fitness level with classes and private coaching available. High intensity, scalable workouts provide you with a load and intensity fit to match your level. As soon as you arrive, you can get started with each workout pre-planned so you don’t need to worry about where to begin. CrossFit trainers will work with you during each workout session, providing you with hands-on guidance. The Box also offers year-long CrossFit memberships priced at $95 a month.

Photo: Garrett Pilgrim

Kickboxing at The Box.

Kickboxing at The Box offers a high energy workout to build strength, confidence, and coordination. The heavy bag kick/punch combination workout works cardio and strength. A 12-month kickboxing membership costs just $75 a month.

Krav Maga has a twofold purpose at The Box: you get a workout, and it empowers you to defend yourself. The Box is engaged with anti-bullying efforts and empowerment along with self-defense training. A year-long Krav Maga membership costs just $85 a month.

Go here to see all membership packages and learn about the free trials.

Check out the weekly class schedule here.

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