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The Black Art Experience Provides Platform for Local Artists and Art Lovers

The Black Art Experience is slated to take place this weekend featuring the work of twenty local artists, live entertainment, and a variety of local vendors.

What started out as a small event featuring only seven artists has now blossomed into a highly-anticipated art experience providing a platform for more than twenty artists and dozens of minority-owned vendors. Hundreds of art-lovers are expected to attend this year’s Black Art Experience to collect pieces from a diverse mix of local creatives. While art is the main attraction, attendees will also get the chance to experience live entertainment, shop with local vendors, while enjoying complimentary food and wine. Visual artist and event creator, Jennifer Peete, describes the Black Art Experience (B.A.E.) as an artsy, eclectic vibe in a family-type atmosphere.

” The Black Art Experience allows artists to collaborate, while also creating a place for us to showcase and sell our art. I noticed that there were a lot of artists in Memphis, but the creative community wasn’t working together like we should. B.A.E gives us the opportunity to do that.”-Jennifer Peete, Black Art Experience Creator and Visual Artist

Photo: Jennifer Peete
Photo: Jennifer Peete

Peete says the idea for B.A.E came after growing frustrated with the lack of opportunities for local artists to showcase their work. The artist and educator says she wanted a place where minority artists could meet, collaborate, and generate new business. The first B.A.E happened in 2016 with about 100 attendees. Since then Peete has hosted five other showcases, with the numbers increasing each time. Now, less than three years later, ticket sales have skyrocketed with an expected guest list of close to 1,000 art lovers, causing Peete to relocate to the Agricenter.

“All of our artist and vendor slots filled up within 48 hours,” she said. “At this rate, we may have to change locations again next year. I’m very excited about the interest in B.A.E. I think it keeps growing because people genuinely want to buy authentic, local art.”

The Black Art Experiences kicks off at 4 PM, March 23. For a list of artists and vendors, visit the website

Tickets for the event are $20 and can be purchased here

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