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The 175-Carat Jewels of Memphis: Collage Dance Collective

Photo: Andrew Breig

On June 5th, the Collage Dance Collective will showcase the talent of 175 of its youth from the greater Memphis area in a one-time dance performance themed “JEWELS.”  The purpose? To combat negative stereotypes of today’s youth and highlight their worth, brilliance, and preciousness through dance.


The concert will feature a wide range of dance styles, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary jazz. With each dance, the students will embody the spirit of different jewels, such as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. These  175 young students will impress you with their expertise.  Twenty-five members of the professional Dance Collage Company will also perform.


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dancers“It’s a statement of the brilliance and the preciousness and the value of our youth,” said Marcellus Harper, the managing editor of the Collage Dance Collective.

The Collage Student Annual Concert is entering its sixth annual year, but its mission remains the same: to make outstanding ballet instruction more widely accessible.  The program seeks to increase diversity among professional ballet dancers and empower more dancers of color. Students ages four through high school are able eligible to enroll, and no student is turned away for lack of ability to pay.  The determination, pure love of dancing, and passion of the students will be reflected onstage at JEWELS.

To learn more about JEWELS and the Collage Dance Collective, click here.

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