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Teach901 Partners With Businesses to Show Local Teachers Some Love

Ask just about anyone you know, and odds are, they’ll be able to tell you about a teacher who made a difference in their life.

Teachers are at the foundation of our society, and they work incredibly hard day in and day out to make the most of classroom time. Teach901’s We Love Teachers campaign works with Memphis businesses to offer educators discounts on a wide variety of dining, retail, and services to make sure teachers feel appreciated and supported every day.

“It feels like a no brainer. We should support teachers as a whole, as a society, and I think it’s important that we offer whatever we can to support their own personal healing and personal time away from their profession,” explained Olivia Loma, of Delta Groove Yoga (which also offers discounts to students and members of the United States military).


That’s what we do as a yoga studio–we provide that space for people to come in and have space and time for themselves. And teachers, especially, do so much for our community by teaching children who will be our society and community in the future that they need that space and time to also be nurtured. And then, they can take that calm sense of self healing and nurturing back to the children… So giving this discount–we offer 20% off for class packs–we’re hoping that even with what little we can do, they can integrate that and bring that into the classrooms.”

Teach901 and the We Love Teachers campaign believe that the more love and care we invest in our teachers as a community, the more they will be able to invest in our children, and the stronger Memphis will become. Teachers need more than just yoga, however, and Teach901 is actively seeking to partner with a wide variety of businesses. Lynn Conroy, of 901 Property Restoration, presents her perspective as the owner of an entirely different sort of company.

“I represent five service companies. We offer a discount for the teachers because I totally appreciate what they do, think they’re underpaid, and that they need more recognition. I have friends and family members who are teachers, so I empathize with them. And by giving them this discount, I’m able to continue building my brand recognition.”

Midtown Crossing Grill is one of many restaurants participating in the campaign. They are also in the process of planning a collaboration with Crosstown Brewing. Midtown Crossing will soon feature a signature Crosstown Brew, some of the proceeds from which will be donated to support education in Memphis.

“I’ve always said that teachers are the people who influence the next generation,” Octavia Young, owner of Midtown Crossing, told me. “Those are our future leaders, and so the teachers are incredibly important and we want to support them as much as we can.”

Jean Andrus, owner of the South Main Book Juggler, has also committed to offering teachers 10% off of new books and 20% off of used books, stating,

“The We Love Teachers campaign is important because teachers are the kind, intelligent people who spend their days (and often nights) insuring that the next generation is better than the last. Teachers are rarely rewarded but remembered fondly as mentors.”


Photo: Amanda Hill

Offering educators 20% off of food and drink purchases, Wiseacre Taproom is participating in the campaign as well. Kellan Bartosch, Captain of Industry/Teller of Tales at Wiseacre expresses his motivation for joining the movement:

“A teacher has one of the most important jobs in the world. Other jobs could lead to fame and fortune, but teachers affect millions of children everyday around the world. Just like Whitney Houston, I believe the children are the future. Yes, I’m being silly referencing her and that song, but it’s so true. Of course it should happen in the home, but teachers get to show kids they are worthwhile and teach them life lessons while passing on knowledge. Those kids will grow up and take over the world for better or for worse…so, yes, teachers are important, and that is why we support them here in Memphis.”

Teach901 is always looking looking to welcome new businesses to the campaign. The goal is for celebrating and encouraging teachers to become a part of Memphis’ culture. 

If you’re a teacher who’d like to learn more about all of the discounts offered through the We Love Teachers campaign, check out the full list here.

If you’re a business looking to support your local educators, submit your discount here.   

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