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Tape Art Brings Brooks Museum Façade to Life

Photo: Brooks Museum

Starting May 8th, Brooks Museum is having Tape Art leave its mark on Memphis to close their centennial celebration.

tape art at Brooks museum

Photo: Kate Lareau

The Rhode Island-based artist collective Tape Art is known for creating over 500 different temporary murals all over the world, including reaction pieces to 9/11 and the 2013 earthquake in Japan. This May, Tape Art will join the museum’s centennial exhibition series known as “Brooks Outside” to add their own flair during their 17-day project.

“We are making a really lovely artwork that tells a compelling story and includes as characters women players, culled from the museum’s permanent collection,” says Michael Townsend, Tape Art founder.

After Tape Art founder, Michael Townsend, and creative director, Leah Smith, visited Memphis last August they created the idea of a mural that celebrates and captures images of women in the museum’s permanent collection. Some of the possible images to be used include Marisol’s pop art Virgin Mary from “The Family,” Medusa from Luca Giordano’s “Slaying of Medusa” piece, and many more. These concepts and images of women will go into the mural that is visually inspired by “Girl Tree,” a painting by Memphis artist, Carroll Cloar, whose work is displayed all over the country, including the Brooks Museum where a brand new gallery was recently dedicated to Cloar’s work as a part of the centennial celebration.

“We expect Tape Art to resonate long after its removal. We hope that this installation will encourage conversations about the Brooks, its mission, and its permanent collection, but also about the relevance of art and art museums in our community.” -Executive Director Emily Ballew Neff

On May 8th, the Tape Art Crew will begin their mural-making process outside on the Brooks Museum’s façade with the help of ladders, a boom lift, and an abundance of low-adhesive paper tape. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to drop by to observe the progress of the mural, to participate, or just to interact with the artists.

Since Memphis’s mural will be temporary, the Brooks Museum also invites the public to join in the removal process on May 24th for the Tape Art Finale: Party on the Plaza from 4pm-7pm. The finale and celebration will have music, art-making, food trucks and more!

Learn more about the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art here.

Find out more information about Brooks Outside: Tape Art here or on their Facebook.

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