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Memphis Teacher Residency Invites You to Spend Your Summer Investing in Local Students

Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) is helping local students put their big brains to good use—and they’re looking for folks who want to join them in doing so.

Are you an undergraduate student who’s considering a career in education, OR an undergraduate person of color who has a love for STEM studies? Before you set your sights on gaining your Master of Education through MTR’s residency program, it’s not a bad idea to gain hands-on experience with the community you’d be serving as an educator.

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, you should lend your skills to see the success of summer learning.

From MTR’s Summer Camp Learning Adventure for 1st-4th graders to their STEM Discovery Camp for rising 7th grade students, MTR is making investigators, scientists, athletes, artists, and more out of our youngest Memphians. Keep scrolling to learn more about each program.

“Equal education shouldn’t be a privilege granted to some. Rather, it’s a right that should be enjoyed by all,” said 2019 MTR Camp Coach Dre.

We’ve been pretty vocal about our support for summer learning loss prevention. In fact, a number of local initiatives and organizations like MTR Camp exist to make sure local youth are set up for success as the summer months set in.  This program is not only designed to give students access to an academic environment that fosters fundamental skills—and is fueled by fun—but it provides future teachers with the chance to immerse themselves in a six-week, paid, interactive school setting where they’ll receive the type of top-tier training that’ll prepare them to lead a classroom of their own one day.

“In response to our city’s desperate need for many more math and science teachers of color, MTR is excited to partner with the National Civil Rights Museum to recruit, train and support high-potential teachers through this fellowship,” said David Montague, Executive Director of MTR.

It’s wild to think that students can make it through their entire school career without experiencing instruction from a teacher of color. MTR has partnered with the National Civil Rights Museum and Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics—a New York based, after-school STEM program for low income students—to close that gap of missed opportunities for prospective teachers and middle school scholars. This 4-week, paid, summer internship is intended to inspire young, talented students of color to pursue a career in STEM education in underserved city schools via MTR’s rigorous teacher training program.

Now that you know what you're in for, it's time to apply!

Applications for MTR Camp & the Majorie STEM Fellowship are now open.

Submit CAMP applications here

Submit STEM applications here.

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