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Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is a local artist who loves Memphis and its history of creativity. His passion for graffiti started in general street art and …


Science Rock & Avenue Coffee

“There’s this raw grittiness, energy, & creativity in Memphis” Jaron Weidner is a Visible Music College alum who is now making a mark on …


Violinist Jonathan Chu

“[Memphis is] this beautiful gem that just needs to be shown to the world.” Violinist Jonathan Chu grew up in Memphis, taking lessons at …


Ziggy Mack

“Don’t be a ‘why?’ person; just be a ‘why not?’” Memphis based photographer, Louis Tucker (better known as Ziggy Mack), is both an image …


Silly Goose

The Silly Goose lounge and bar, owned by the friendly Daniel Masters, creates classic cocktails and their own signature cocktails using fresh and handmade ingredients, …