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Tacit Club Brings Silent Discos to Memphis

Photo: Cameron Mitchell

Tacit Club is a new Memphis event hosting and planning company that specializes in throwing unique and alternative events. Still in the company’s infancy, co-founders Haley Milliman and Miles Kovarik have already hosted two sold-out Silent Discos in the past month.

Silent disco memphis

Photo: Sinister Underground Productions

For those wondering what is a Silent Disco exactly, it’s a dance party where everyone is equipped with radio transmitting headphones. Tacit Club’s version takes it a step further, by giving the dancing listeners three DJ’s to choose from throughout the event, all playing different music to a different beat.

The LED headphones change color depending on what station you’re listening to, so if you see someone getting down with blue headphones, you can switch by the press of a button to see what they’re listening to.

Silent disco memphis

Photo: Sinister Underground Productions

With a light show streaming through a foggy haze and everyone dancing to their own beat, the Silent Disco has become a unique event in Memphis. The company hosted their first event at the Rec Room and sold out, which at the time was 100 headphones.


“We weren’t really sure what the turnout would be like, but we sold out of our first event in about 25 minutes,” says Haley Milliman. “We learned Memphis is looking for unique events, and there are a lot of people out there looking for something a little different.”

Due to the popularity of the event, Tacit Club decided to host another event two weeks later at Loflin Yard downtown. This time the duo upgraded to 200 headphones.

Miles Kovarik says Silent Discos are a big thing in Europe, but for Memphis these events are something different from the usual.

“We wanted to throw some off the cuff events; it’s something Memphis was and is hurting for. There are these niche communities that want something to do, and are enthusiastic about it, but they don’t know where to go to get it, and there’s nothing out there for them,” says Kovarik. “We’re innovating in a way, where we are giving the people something they want without them knowing they wanted it.”

The next event Tacit Club is hosting is the Battle of the Decades Silent Disco where DJs Jordan Rogers, Quad, and Space Monkey will each be performing music specifically from 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

Everyone is encouraged to dress from your favorite decade, with free drinks going to the winner from each decade. The event takes place on May 6th and will be held at the Rec Room, , from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. You can purchase tickets here and join the event page here.

Learn more about Tacit Club or book an event through them by clicking here.

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