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Switch Gears, Win Prizes in 2019 Commute Challenge

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During the month of May, Memphians who drive to work alone are getting a bit of extra encouragement to switch gears and do their commute differently. Whether you carpool, scoot, bike or the like, the Innovate Memphis Commute Options initiative urges you to leave your car behind all month long for the 2019 Commute Challenge.

Innovate Memphis wants to increase awareness and use of modes of transport that are ultimately healthier, less stressful, less expensive, and more sustainable. The Commute Challenge is a call to switch up your habits for a while, and it comes with some neat incentives.

Okay, how do I do this thing if I’m interested?

Register for the 2019 Commute Challenge for free by answering a few questions here. Once you do, Commute Options will send information about how to log your trips. Thanks to a partnership with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative, commuters can download and utilize Ride Amigos, an easy-to-use app to manage and record commutes.

What’s in it for me?

Well, of course, there are the environmental benefits that you reap as an inhabitant of planet Earth. There are the health benefits of choosing a more active mode of transport, the social benefits of sharing a ride, and maybe even some increased productivity if you jump into your inbox while you’re not stuck behind the wheel.

But also, prizes! All of the registered participants are included in a weekly drawing for prizes like gift cards to wellness studios and restaurants, and MATA passes. Companies and businesses are encouraged to participate as a team. The three top worksites will receive a pizza lunch. 

What if I’m anxious about biking these Memphis streets on my own?

Luckily, you can ease your way in. Commute Options will host Bike Train Tuesdays, a fun morning ride to points in midtown and downtown each week. The Bike Train will meet at 7:30 a.m. at different locations and stop along the way to allow cyclists to join. Choose a stop that is close to you! And if you don’t want to bike back home, you will have earned a free MATA pass. Just stick your bike on the rack on the front of the bus and ride. Check the Commute Options Facebook page for details on specific routes. 

What else is involved?

Commute Options community partners will also offer several events throughout May:

What’s this all leading up to?

Commute Options will celebrate the end of the Commute Challenge with a Wrap Party on May 31. All participants are invited to celebrate their commuting success over refreshments at one of Memphis’ wonderful downtown eateries. Top commuters and companies will be recognized for their achievements. You’ll receive the details on the Wrap Party if you’ve registered for the challenge. 

Okay, great! Where can I find everything, again?

Register and learn more about the 2019 Commute Challenge at the Commute Options website. Track your commutes by downloading the RideAmigos App. Follow the Commute Options Facebook Page and Commute Options on Twitter for updates. Tell your friends you’re participating and invite them to join you by sharing the Commute Challenge Facebook Event and the Bike Train Tuesdays Facebook Event. Familiarize yourself with MATA routes and schedules at

Commute Options, an initiative of Innovate Memphis, is designed to decrease the use of single-occupancy vehicles in Memphis by encouraging residents to use commute options such as walking, biking, carpooling, or public transit whenever possible. Innovate Memphis develops initiatives, develops partnerships, and innovates solutions with the goal of building a more equitable, innovative, competitive, and sustainable city. Learn more about their work at

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