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Sweaters Together is Celebrating Their First Album Release with a Summer Tour

Photo: Sweaters Together

Sweaters Together is the local Queercore, Pop Punk band you’ve been dreaming of, and their summer tour kicks off this June.

Sweaters Together stitched their talents collectively in 2016 and to celebrate their album release, they are hitting the road. They’ll kick-off their tour on June 23rd at Lamplighter Lounge playing alongside Louise Page and Crystal Shrine before heading around the country. The event starts at 10pm and is $5 at the door.

Photo: Sweaters Together

Tour Dates and Locations:

  • June 23 Memphis
  • June 28 Murfreesboro
  • June 29: Atlanta
  • June 30: Birmingham
  • July 1: Little Rock
  • July 2: St. Louis
  • July 3: Des Moines
  • July 4: Minneapolis
  • July 5: Chicago

To get to know these four individuals better, we sat down to interview the band. Learn more about their origins and plans for the future below.

Choose901: How did you all get started?

Photo: Sweaters Together

Sweaters Together: Sarah met Aimee working at a liquor store. One day they were both wearing amazing sweaters, prompting Aimee to ask “isn’t Sweaters Together a cute name for a band?” and the two, decided to start a band.

At our first show we recruited Snacks on the spot and decided to play as the band, The Breeders, for a Halloween show (2016). From there, we found that writing songs together was a lot of fun; we’d come out of each practice with three to five new songs.

We recently made some changes and Snacks recruited Giullian at roller derby practice, she’s been fantastic.

C901: How would you describe your music to someone that’s never heard it?

Giullian: It is a fun expression of emotion, raw energy that’s accessibly relatable to people.

Aimee Easter: Fun, personal, vulnerable, danceable, simple, direct, fun!

Sarah Johnston-Barnett: Fun, loud sounds, light-hearted, but also angry.

C901: What serves as your greatest source of inspiration?

Snacks Miller: The three of them, srsly. I can just throw something out at practice, and they catch it every time. It’s incredible and fun as hell. I’m new to being a musician, and I feel lucky to have found them. They’ve become my best friends.

AE: When we started, I had played in bands for a baker’s dozen years or so. Sarah had never been in a band or even played drums before, and ya know what she did when I asked her if she wanted to play drums? Said “Sure!” and just frickin’ did it.

Snacks didn’t have very much band experience either, and they dove into this thing head first. Giullian recently joined our band and also hasn’t been in this type of band before. I love how she effortlessly embraced the Sweaty Sweater Spirit.

Seeing my friends passionately doing whatever the heck they want to do is my greatest source of inspiration.

Photo: Sweaters Together

SJB: My own life, my bandmates – it’s the most encouraging and loving group! And we are always pushing each other to try new stuff and be brave.

Aimee is so, so good at writing songs, setting up shows, recording and mixing every single thing we’ve recorded, and just at being a great hard-working, loving bandmate; Snax is so good at making up songs in the moment. It’s unbelievable, always wanting to try new things, and always adding something extra dope to songs.

Giullian is insane on all instruments. We are so lucky to have her. She is a bright shining light of positivity and she pushes us to want to get better at everything that we do.

ST: Sarah is a dreamboat songwriter, and she has such a big heart. She truly shaped the vibe and sound of Sweaters Together.

C901: What has been the biggest source of inspiration for your new album, specifically?

ST: The songs on “Sweaty Summer” were born from the fun and trust we have with each other. Our practices became a space where we could express our experiences and raw feelings ​with the sound of mu–sic!

C901: Where are you all from?

Photo: Andrea Morales

SJB: Atlanta, Georgia and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

SM: I’ve been in and out of Memphis for over decade, but I was raised in Portland, Oregon.

G: I was born and raised in Memphis, and I am the first person in my immediate family to be born in America. I’m very proud of that.

AE: I moved here from Minneapolis in 2010.

C901: What is it like to play music in Memphis?

ST: Supportive, fun and engaging! The reception has been really positive – we started this as something casual, and didn’t really have any expectations. It has really been great and it makes us proud to be musicians in this Memphis. This city has been great to us and is really what pushed us to get this album recorded. It feels welcoming and less competitive, Memphis is definitely a party place – it’s fun!

C901: Has Memphis affected your experience in music?

ST: Definitely! Memphis musicians, including Louise Page, Jake Cline, and Crystal Shrine, have really been enthusiastic and supportive, Along with the many local organizations, especially the Memphis Roller Derby. It’s all quite unexpected and wonderful.

AE: Yes. I’ve learned to not be afraid of the audience. I like to bring people into the experience. Break the barrier between artist and audience. We don’t need to be fully polished to put on a good show and express ourselves. You can be a part of our song development.

C901: What are your goals for this year?

ST: We are about to pump out “Sweaty Summer,” our first album, and have the most fun on tour! Then we’re gonna make some new tunes baby!

Check out their tunes here.

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