Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Sunday on the River

Sundays are meant for relaxation. After a long weekend you’re supposed to simmer down and really thrive on the definition of a lazy Sunday. That’s how I thought my Sunday was going to be once I had gotten back home from a weekend away in Nashville, but my friend, Reed, had other plans.

He gave me a call and told me that his medical school class was having a party on a Memphis Riverboat. When you get a call like that it’s hard to turn down. After telling him an emphatic “yes,” I was well on my way to an exciting Sunday. There wasn’t a whole lot to say about the boat itself. We got there and walked down the iconic red ramp on the riverfront after getting our tickets. We had been partaking in some drinking before we boarded the ship, so we were already feeling pretty good, but luckily enough the tickets came with two more drink tickets to get on the boat itself!

As you entered the RIverboat, you walk into the main lobby which has both cash bars and a dance floor with a DJ straight in the middle. The set up was nothing fancy at all, but when the objective is for med school students to blow off some steam, I don’t think the decor was a priority for them.  The drinks were fine and the music was loud, but the best part of course was the second floor on top of the boat that provided a view of everything around! The Mississippi was looking brownish per usual, but the rain had just subsided hours earlier and the clouds were just beginning to let the sun shine through and really show off the Memphis skyline and bridge. It was a sight to behold and made me appreciate Memphis just a little more. 

Although I was dead tired at work the next day, I was still glad that I jumped at the opportunity to sail down the Mississippi. I do know that individuals and couples can plan an excursion of their own if they plan in advance, so if you want to try something new and switch it up, go on down to the river and enjoy a night on the water!

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