Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Submit Memphis Creatives to People of Craft

Featured image: “It’s Beautiful Where You Are” by Joseph Boyd, Photo: Amanda Hill

People of Craft is an online showcase for creatives of color worldwide and their craft in design, advertising, tech, illustration, lettering, art, and more.

It’s a growing resource that planners of conferences and panel discussions may find useful for pulling an inclusive lineup of experts on any given creative topic. Organizations hiring freelancers can also use it to ensure that creatives beyond their immediate circles of contacts are considered for projects.

Anyone can access the site and search the listings by 11 creative categories or by city. While Memphis is searchable, there’s currently only one artist result. Want to help increase representation for Memphis creatives of color on the site? You can submit yourself or someone else for consideration.

How to submit: Email your name, website, social media handle and an image to

The People of Craft project was founded by New York-based creatives Amélie Lamont & Timothy Goodman. Read more about the project here. Follow the project on Instagram.