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Stranger Things Halloween Dance Party: For Non-Mouthbreathers Only

With everyone’s favorite demogorgon hunters returning this Halloween, why not celebrate by turning up(side down) at the Rec Room on October 28th from 7pm-2am.

The Rec Room will be putting on a Stranger Things dance party just in time for Halloween and the premiere of Season 2. The pre-party starts at 7 pm and then 80’s Memphis based band BetaMAX will light up the stage at 8 pm. All throughout the night, visitors will be able to step into the upside-down town of Hawkins and share your secret obsession with waffles without feeling like Jonathan the creeper, dress up like a Christmas tree even though its still fall, and jam out to some radical live 80’s tunage. Costumes are highly encouraged and a costume contest will take place at 10pm. Don’t be a mouth-breather and plan to make it to the Rec Room on Oct. 28th.

Oh, and P.S. this event is for party lovers 21 years or older. So, be sure not to bring any Barbs along with you to crash the party. If you’re not 21 but are used to partying underage (I’m looking at you Steve Harrington), well too bad because its…well I’ll just let Toothless tell you.

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