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A Spoken Dish Explores Southern Food Identity Through Storytelling



A Spoken Dish is tomorrow (Thursday) March 6 at the Brooks Museum of Art, from 6-8pm.

A joint endeavor from Grow Memphis, Southern Foodways Alliance, Brooks Museum and Whole Foods MarketA Spoken Dish is a storytelling project dedicated to celebrating and documenting food memories and rituals from people across the South.

A Spoken Dish captures heartfelt stories about a wide range of subjects including the Civil Rights Movement, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Migration, traditional hog killings, magic pickling rocks, Southern spaetzle, paw paws, gumbo, and more.

Included among short video vignettes that will debut on March 6th at the Brooks Museum are interviews with:

  • Marilou Awiakta, Native American poet, storyteller, essayist, Memphis, TN
  • Wally Joe, chef/owner of Acre, Memphis, TN
  • Jody Stephens, musician and food enthusiast, Memphis, TN
  • Desiree Robinson, proprietor of Cozy Corner, Memphis, TN
  • Kelly English, chef/owner of Restaurant Iris and The Second Line, Memphis, TN

Nibbles and Sips:

  • Featuring local brews and food from teams led by Wally Joe and Kelly English
  • Screening A Spoken Dish and Shorts from Southern Foodways Alliance
  • $15/person or $12/person for Members of Brooks or SFA
  • Must be 21 to enter.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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