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Spend the Rest of September Serving Your City

Photo: Memphis Tilth

Life, lately, has been unpredictable. A year ago, many of us were in the midst of nine to five normalcy. Many of us were wishing for a break. Now, we are pining for consistency, and vowing to never take human interaction for granted. It seems that so much is out of our control; yet there is so much that we still can control. We can control how we spend our free time and how much of that time is spent giving back to the city and communities that have given us so much. 

Chances are, a lot in your life has changed. This may not be wanted or warranted, but it can be used to cultivate civic engagement. You can create change for good by giving back to your community this month. 

Today, we bring you a number of ways to cultivate a September of service, starting at home. 

Volunteer from home:

You can make a difference from a distance without having to leave home. You may not be able to go out and volunteer due to work hours, family commitments, or for health and safety reasons. That’s okay! You can stay home and give back. Here’s how: you can make cards for vulnerable seniors or for children facing illnesses. You can find gently used clothing or backpacks to donate to Catholic Charities of West Tennessee. You can become a virtual mentor for one of the many mentorship programs under MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies. You can make sack lunches for those in need or food to donate to the Hospitality Hub.

Stay tuned for more virtual opportunities coming soon, like reading a story to a class virtually. 

Volunteer on the weekend:

Volunteering from home is a great option, though some of us may be feeling stir-crazy from being home so much. Thankfully, Volunteer Odyssey has ways to alleviate the stress of sameness AND give back to our communities, by volunteering on the weekend. 

For example, you could volunteer at the St. Paul Garden, helping to clean and water the grounds, you could help high school students build upon their entrepreneurial ideas as a LITE Memphis Mentor, or you could help distribute beauty and hygiene products to those Memphians who are more vulnerable.

The Volunteer Odyssey calendar is already full of opportunities for October and the following months. Find an experience that speaks to you, and make Memphis better, one task at a time.

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