Son.Person’s Summer Playlist

School’s out, but the grind doesn’t stop for high school students, specifically—between ACT prep, procuring seasonal job opportunities, and optimizing ever moment to make the most of the months when responsibilities should be replaced with road trips to the beach. 

Son.Person aka Whitt Sabin—Christian Brothers High School senior’s—summer plans include all of that, the release of new music, his first national tour, and the ongoing manifestation of his dreams “to be the biggest thing since Elvis Presley to come out of Memphis.”

Where you look at presley or [pop icons] like justin timberlake, the next generation of that is son. person.

Son.Person has been positioning himself to reach that level since he was little.

At age six, he had his first live performance. At age seven, he started playing in bars—and for the last 10 years, he’s been performing with School of Rock Memphis, a program built with “the goal of building strong musical proficiency” within young Memphians. 

“I’ve gotten so diversified in sound through School of Rock. That place has been a threshold for creative influence, but it feels like I’m in a graduation stage. I’m really branching out on my own.”

Son.Person is set to release his fourth single of the year, "deuces."

Between his last three releases, “Loved U More,” “U Night,” and “Texaco,” he’s garnered over 300,000 streams, increasing his reach from Memphis to San Francisco—in addition to international audiences in China, India, etc.

This release also acts as the kickstart to his first national tour as he hits the road for a 12-day stretch starting July 1st. “Deuces” is not only available for streaming on all major music platforms, but it’s now featured on a specially curated Memphis music playlist, Son’s 901 Summer Bops!

"[In Memphis] Music is our stuff. I'm all about the variety and versatility—and showcasing what people may not be the most familiar with."

With 3.5 hours of pop, rock, blues, folk, soul, and hip-hop highlights, you’ve got a little bit of old and new to carry you through the season! 

But what about son.person's post summer plans?

Senior-year is arriving soon, and he’s making moves to solidify his college and career trajectory. And after he gets that cap and gown, he’s going places with his talented team in tow.

“We’ve got a community-engineered platform call UrbanPM to help promote southern sounds. We’ve got a management, distribution, and publishing company called Notoriety Music Group. I’d like to start a booking and entertainment company called POM [People of Memphis]. There’s so much infrasructure we want to build in Memphis, but we have to foster the community first, because it’s the single individuals who are the most powerful.”

when those single individuals put their powers together, THAT's when the magic happens.

 It’s why Son. is often seen giving back as a volunteer with organizations like the Overton Park Shell and the Memphis Public Libraries

It’s why he’s hell bent on diving into the depths of the Memphis music scene; to network and collaborate as much as he can. 

And it’s why, at just 17 year’s old, he’s already got so much behind him—and even more ahead. 

It really feels like less of a "What if," and more of a "When's it going to happen?"

Son. Person

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