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SocialPreneurs Break From the Norms of Networking

Social media has made it so much easier to be part of Memphis’s growing social scene.

You can find the best places to do karaoke night, the clubs, hookah bars, and which celebrity will be in the building. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find your perfect spot for a night out on the town. We have more options to go out and enjoy ourselves than we used to, and it’s thanks to people like @SocialPrenuers901 who play a big part in that culture. SocialPrenuers is a series of events hosted by Andy Woods and Tony Smith for young people in Memphis looking to mingle, network, and most importantly to have a good time. 

Smith and Woods started SocialPrenuers when they moved back to Memphis after graduating from  Middle Tennessee State University and both noticed that there was little to do with like-minded individuals. “There was a social void that needed to be filled. The city was full of many great people doing great things that simply needed to be connected,” said Smith. 

The SocialPrenuers brand is known for curating some of the biggest and best social events in Memphis such as Top Off Sundays, Views from the Hu Rooftop Mixer, Vanity Fair Mixer, Status on Fridays, The GuestList, Friday Night Hideout, and more. Tony Smith’s favorite and the most popular event the host ever created is #TopOffSundays. Top Off is a day party curated just for the millennials of Memphis. It’s a fusion of live bands, bottomless drinks, and 2 amazing DJs. “The ambiance and vibes of this event have yet to be matched. The demands for this event have reached nearby cities as well. So you can expect us to be traveling with this event more with our next city being Nashville, TN” said Smith. 

Smith says that what was originally supposed to be a job hosting events has turned into something bigger than the both of them. It’s turned into the greatness of showcasing young professionals who are leading the change in the city of Memphis. “We started hosting events just to give people a break from the normal Memphis nightlife which attracted like-minded individuals who have grown together to become entrepreneurs, start businesses together, get married, have families, and more.”  

SocialPrenuers has found a way to create the perfect vibe for every event by being clear about their purpose and being in tune with what their audience wants. They establish the right vibe by creating fun themes in desirable locations. As someone who has attended SocialPrenuers events, I can definitely say they build an environment that not only makes you feel welcome, but you also feel inspired because you’re surrounded by all kinds of professional young people such as entrepreneurs, teachers, designers, influencers, and more who want to connect and vibe with others. Their events tend to attract guests between the ages of 24-37, but Smith says they’re open to anyone looking for a high-quality social experience.  

SocialPreneurs events have grown so popular that the brand is now expanding to other cities, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be slowing things down here at home. “Our events are getting good now but we are looking forward to them being a lot bigger and better. We plan on doing something that political figures in the city would like to get behind and support,” said Smith. They will also be adding more after-work events to target young professionals across the tri-state area. For more information on their upcoming events, you can follow them on Instagram @Socialprenuers901.  

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