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Snow Days in Memphis

I never realized how much teachers truly deserve holidays, summer break and snow days until I married one.

I checked my always faithful weather app earlier in the week and noticed that there was a slight chance that we may have some snow on Friday. You better believe that my husband was praying all week for a snow day and so was I. We lived in Montgomery for a few years before we came to Memphis so we are fully aware how southerners treat snow. I gave advice to my MTR friend from California, to stay away from Kroger on Thursday evening because everyone would be at the store trying to buy their “Doom’s Day” necessities and there may not be any food left on the shelves.

Southerners are a tad crazy when it comes to winter weather, and as much as I used to joke about how they were just big babies, the longer I have lived in the south, the more I realize why they act the way they do. Salt, sand trucks, plow trucks… are either in short supply or simply don’t exist in some southern cities. It also never snows, except for once in a blue moon… so, southerners are never given the opportunity to learn how to drive on icy roads. And on top of that, they are pretty bad drivers anyways, so the world really is a better place when the entire city shuts down when there is even rumor of snow. Those snow days keep the kiddos, bus drivers and teachers safe and I am totally fine with that if it means a day off! 🙂

Our MTR friends and neighbors

Our MTR friends and neighbors

I absolutely love the snow. One of the wonderful things about my husband being a part of the MTR program is that MTR houses all of the residents and their families in the same apartment complex, the Georgian Woods in Midtown. This helps us to build community as we walk through life and this year of residency together. I love it and the benefits of living in community. One of those great benefits is having 50 plus close neighbors when you can’t drive anywhere and who are also teachers who have a snow day too. I decided that it would be a perfect day to cozy up and make some fresh coffee and hot donuts. We invited a few of our neighbors over to our tiny apartment and gathered around the window as we watched the beautiful snowfall, ate delicious donuts and shared our excitement of the day off and stories from school and our Christmas breaks.

Our homemade snow day donuts

Our homemade snow day donuts

Afterward, I was able to rest and watch movies and read and it was glorious. It’s funny how when you can’t go anywhere, the itch to want to go somewhere creeps in immediately. Being cooped up in the house was fun while it lasted but I was ready to shake off the cabin fever so Joshua and I decided to try dinner at Sushi Jimmi, a prominent and delicious food truck that recently opened a restaurant right down the street from our apartment so we didn’t have to go far in the snow.

Sushi Jimmi is known for it’s amazing sushi and more specifically, the unique and awesome sushi burritos. I was pumped when I heard they were opening a restaurant close to our apartment. And I was definitely not disappointed. The food was just as good as I remember it. Another great thing about the south is that they have this thing called deep fried sushi. My time in the South has taught me that everything’s better deep fried and the same is true about sushi. The deep fried sushi and the sushi burritos were an amazing way to toast our magical snow day! If you haven’t had a chance to try the food truck or the restaurant, it’s definitely a must! Make sure to follow them on Instagram as they usually post the food truck location and restaurant times and specials.


I think that donuts and sushi may become our go-to Memphis tradition to celebrate snow days. I’m just hoping this tradition gets to happen a few more times this year before we get back to our usual seven months of grit, grind and 140 degree weather. 

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