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Improve Your Snapshots with Ashleigh Peak of Well Worn Co

The 80’s were known for big hair, the 90’s were known for crop tops, the early 2000’s were known for auto-tuned boy bands and poor fashion, and now we’ve hit a new kind of era.  Digital photos.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly something this decade is known for.  We pull our phones out to capture sunsets, trips, nights out with friends, sushi, what books we’re reading…everything.  We’re now programmed to snap a photo for every moment of our life big or small.  Welcome to the the iPhoneography era, people.

Check your phone now.  Go to your pictures.  How many of them do you have on your phone?  Do not be ashamed. I have 1,788 photos that ALL need to be imported onto my computer.  Have I ever printed at least one out of the 1,788 photos on my iPhone?

Of course not.  And I bet you haven’t either.

What happens if you lose those photos?  Don’t panic. There’s a class to save us (and our iPhone storage).

  • When: August 22, 1-3pm
  • Where: 525 N. Main Street #A4

On August 22nd Ashleigh Peak will teach a class on her everyday iPhoneography process.  From learning how to take quality photos to actually figuring out which photos to print for an heirloom album, Peak will walk you through it all.  Here’s what you’ll get out of this two hour class.

  • Finding inspiration in the everyday
  • Documenting your life and still fully experiencing it
  • Composition & exposure fundamentals
  • Editing tips & tricks in VSCO
  • How to cull & organize within iPhone
  • The importance of the print
  • Where to print & what to do with it
  • Hands-on examples & practice
  • Creating an heirloom album with prints quickly and easily (album not included)

The class costs $125 and space is limited.  Go ahead and sign up now here.

Learn more about Ashleigh’s business, Well Worn Co., in our video below:

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