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Small Changes Make a Big Difference in the Edge District

Photo: Amanda Hill

You’re heading east out of downtown just as the tall buildings and brick facades begin to fade BOOM, you’re surrounding by warehouses, freshly painted bike lanes, and the unmistakable signs of something new happening. Welcome to the Edge.

The Edge District is the area just East of Danny Thomas, about where Marshall and Monroe merge. The District has been earning a lot of attention from Memphians, with Club SpectrumHigh Cotton Brewery, Sun Studios and many other attractions all based in the neighborhood.

We expect this to be a banner year for the Edge in terms of improving the aesthetics, making it a more interesting place for the thousands of visitors that go there every year- Leslie Gower, Vice President of Marketing for the Downtown Memphis Commission

With the input of the Medical District, along with Southwest Community College and Victorian Village, some new improvements are in the works to enhance the treasured area. Recently, the Center City Development Commission approved two grants designed to elevate the pedestrian experience in the Edge District.

  • The first of these two grants will be used to re-curb certain street corners and sidewalks where pedestrians are close to passing cars and such high traffic to and from Downtown makes for a congested experience. This grant was worth $240,000.
  • The second grant will be used to install an art display called “There’s More to Be Proud Of.” The display will be placed where Marshall and Madison meet, characterized by three large poles supporting a triangular banner. The artist heading the project is Cat Pena.
Art Installation

Source: Downtown Memphis Commission

Additionally, there are some really exciting new additions to the area that will add a new spin on a classic district.

Aside from these major developments, the area is also looking to outfit corners like Madison and Orleans with bike trails, relined crosswalks, new trash bins, and more benches and landscape to encourage pedestrian use.

Learn more about the big plans for the surrounding areas by following the Memphis Medical District Collaborative for updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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