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Signing Off for Year One: Jordan Johnston

Oh, hello! Thank you for joining me for my final entry for the Year One blog. I can’t believe I have lived in Memphis for just over a year, it feels like time has moved faster than anticipated. And what a year it has been!

I can still remember when the choo choo trains were not yet running on Main and I didn’t have to look both ways when crossing the tracks on my lunch break downtown. Whimsical jaunts have taken a backseat to safety and public transportation. I have learned a lot over the past year, from local Memphis tidbits to finding out who I am as a person and maybe even growing up some.

Arriving from Boston last May, I moved down to Memphis to find a more affordable lifestyle and be an active participant in my wonderful nephew’s life. Having saved enough to be gainfully unemployed for about three months, I immediately set out to see and experience as much of the city as possible. Roaming around Midtown on my own as well as with my brother was an invaluable experience as it allowed me to both form my own experiences and have an insider’s view of the city. I think I went to more shows between May-July of last year than I had since my college days. In fact, one of my favorite memories over the past year was my first Music Fest with my brother. We had a great time and it was also my first Soul Burger at Earnestine & Hazel’s which is something one does not easily forget.

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Finding a job and place to live were two of my proudest feats. In fact, I’ve recently moved again into practically the heart of Cooper-Young and I love it! Apparently I still have some restlessness in me, despite initially enjoying settling down for the first time in Midtown. Finding a job was, as usual, a job in and of itself. I’ve luckily found somewhere that I was able to develop a close friendship with people. It is also in a great location Downtown and is an easy commute from my house.

The hardest part about moving to Memphis was the intermittent loneliness. It is not easy finding friends when you are in your early thirties and I certainly missed all of my sweet sweet morsels back in Boston. January was especially tough as my last apartment was having some…technical difficulties to say the least. You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve recently fallen into a great group of folks who get me out of the house. I’ve even recently joined a band of lovely fellas and we’re going to start playing gigs around town hopefully by the end of the spring!

All of this being said, if you are looking to move to Memphis I cannot recommend it enough. Moving anywhere new will have its challenges but Memphis is full of kind people and a culture which is easy to jump into. Between Beale Street & the South Main Arts District Downtown, Cooper-Young in Midtown and the Super Chinese Sub Shop on Summer there are plenty of ways to appreciate the city. One huge resource I used before moving down here was actually Choose901. They have a healthy portion of activities which are constantly being updated and reading about life in Memphis got me excited to move down here even when my decision seemed daunting. I’m also very appreciative of the opportunities Choose901 provided with this blog and how it forced me outside of my comfort zone and into everything around Memphis.

I want to thank you all for following along and joining me on this journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my adventures and follies over the past year. I have to say that throughout it all, in the end I’m very fortunate to have made this decision and am incredibly happy that I am still living in Memphis. Please be sure to keep checking out Choose901 for goings on around the city. Until next time(?) keep on grinding!

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