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Signing Off for Year One: Jasmine McCloud

My time here in Memphis is winding down. I have enjoyed the ride of living here, however, it is time for me to head back west.

I must admit it, I’m pretty homesick. I miss my friends and my family. I miss being able to easily access the beach. And I actually miss seeing the tops of mountains. Therefore, I will be moving back to California in June. While there, I plan to delve further into public education through substitute teaching and possibly extending to a full-time credentialed status.

I’m extremely proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to move and live here. I met some really awesome people from work and being part of the Year One blog series has helped me to explore different things. I’m usually a homebody, so for me to get out and explore what a new city had to offer was a big deal. I gained a lot of insight about Southern culture through the oral histories of the Memphians that I had the chance to meet.

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There are things that I still would like to try in the area. Those things include going to the Tennessee Safari Park, going to the birthplace of Alex Haley, going to the Pink Palace Museum, taking a tour of Graceland, going to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, and I’d like to go to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. I am a little disappointed that I missed out on the festivals and celebrations that took place during the months of April and May. I really wanted to attend Memphis in May but due to my doctor’s orders I wasn’t able to attend. I also was looking forward to attending Dîner en Blanc Memphis, which is supposed to take place during this summer. If you have not heard of it or if you do not know what Dîner en Blanc is then I encourage you to Google it and sign up for the waiting list.

I will cherish the memories of attending a Memphis Grizzlies game which was my first time ever going to a professional basketball game. One of my fondest memories is substitute teaching for students in the Orange Mound area. It was definitely a challenge but it was a great experience. I really enjoyed the Soulsville USA Festival and going to the Stax Museum. The most fun thing that I did here was the pedal bus tour with River City Pedalers. Being able to cruise with booze and bar hop was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it the next time that I come to visit the city.

If I were to give someone advice on moving to Memphis, I would tell them to be open and do not allow what’s being shown on the news to have a deep impact on how you perceive the city and residents, to make sure that they have reliable transportation, and to get out and create your own memories. I would also tell them to attend most if not all of the festivals that happen year around. And lastly, do not be afraid to make new friends. In hindsight, I wish I would have utilized all of the programs and various organizations that are available to new residents.

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