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Shuttle Solution to Zoo Parking Problem



Memphis is doing what it does best, finding a creative solution to a difficult problem. It all started when protesters started sitting in an area of Overton Park used for overflow parking on busy days. Then it turned into a back and forth between the zoo and the mayor about what needs to be done. You can see more about that in the video below:

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Now there are three potential solutions and you can vote with your feet… or parking decisions. For the next five weeks starting this weekend on May 24th, a FREE shuttle will run from the Overton Square parking garage to the zoo during open hours. The parking garage is free for those hours as well.  The route map is below.


Now the folks at Overton Park, the zoo, and the city are asking for your action. If you want to see the shuttles continue to run, make a decision, park in the garage, and use the shuttle. If the shuttle gets used enough, it may be a permanent solution.

You can also go here to help fund the shuttle project so it can be a permanent solution!

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