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Showing My Old Friend My New City

Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend I had the opportunity to show a newcomer around town. My best friend Corey from back home visited Memphis! His birthday was the week prior and his wife and my mom surprised the both of us with his visit. Jubilee! It was a great weekend and I was amazed at how much I had learned about Memphis to confidently give a good history and show a great time to a visitor.

Corey and I have known each other since we were two years old. There’s definitely an origin story which I will withhold from the blog to spare each of us equal amounts of embarrassment. Either way, due to our length of time knowing each other, I wanted to make sure Corey was given an accurate representation of the city.

Beginning on Friday night, we grabbed some tiny morsels at the Slider Inn, a quick walk from my apartment. I’ve taken nearly everyone who has visited to this kind establishment. Next we scoot toot tooted on down to Beale Street. He was impressed with the amount of music everywhere. We really dug the band at Rum Boogie. I made sure to take him to The Absinthe Room as well. It is a great place to unwind between bars and people watch through the large windows. To end our night, I took Corey to Earnestine & Hazel’s and told him a bit about the history. I also treated him to the savory morsel known as the Soul Burger (I opted out re: my blog three weeks ago). 

During our downtown excursion, Corey’s biggest takeaway was how many establishments have been around for years and maintain a classic feel. A lot of bars in Boston may be nested in old buildings but they are newer businesses. A lot of places in Memphis have staying power and are local landmarks.

Saturday was a bit of a slower paced day as I drove Corey through the city, showing him the different neighborhoods. Taking him through Cooper Young I highlighted the different housing types and their vibrant color choices. We drove downtown and to Bass Pro where we walked around for a bit, looking at the slippery little catfish. Saturday night we met up with my brother at Memphis Made and stuck around Midtown. I took Corey to Railgarten where we had a great time with new folks around the bonfire. We then went to The P&H where we caught one of my favorite local bands, Louder Than Bombs. Closing out our night at Alex’s Tavern was a great decision as neither of us know how to play shuffleboard but enjoy the concept nonetheless.

To wrap up our weekend extravaganza we had a delightful Sunday Brunch of Friendship at The Majestic. Their affordable mimosa really helps take the edge off. We ended our day with naps at my apartment and a dinner at Young Avenue Deli where we also ran into some more lovely folks.

Overall I would say that our weekend was a success, even if the itinerary was a bit full. I was able to show a friend from back home where I live and he left with a great impression of the city. It was great to have a visitor who I could wake up in the morning with a hug, which I’m not too terribly sure he a appreciated but tough cookies big guy. I’ve also realized I have a new found confidence in living down here and getting out and discovering all there is to see here. Thank you again for reading and until next time keep on grinding!

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