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Shop Choose901’s Signature Series Designed by Eso Tolson

Memphis artists are a massive part of the captivating culture that characterizes our city.

In an effort to honor the local creative community, Choose901 is launching a Signature Series of merchandise made by Memphians.

A woman posing on a blue couch.

From the “Embrace Your Inner Memphis” merch that he launched as a way to encourage the acceptance of the good and bad that comes with the Bluff City—to the Spectacular Vernacular collection that commemorates the slang that has been acknowledged as native 901 language—Tolson’s take on uniquely Memphis messages, and mindfulness mantras, casts a net that captures the attention of folks near and far.

“Authenticity is very important to me, so I wanted to create something that felt like it could be mine and Memphis’.

A person wearing a t-shirt with an Eso Tolson designed logo.
Each shirt comes customized with Eso Tolson's signature.

His design draws inspiration from the city's predominately Black background, diverse demographic, and the coined carol, "Memphis Memphis Memphis, the most brutiful land in the world."

“It’s about pride. It’s about celebration. And just the word “Memphis” is palatable enough to be shared by all, but it’s depicted in a distinct way. You only know if you know.”

And if you look close enough, the details go even deeper to demonstrate the medley of Memphis’ makeup.

A woman wearing a t-shirt from Choose901's Signature Series.
A man wearing a white t-shirt.
"Each Memphis is different. Every letter has its own personality, and all of these elements and pieces come together to create something special. Memphis isn't perfect, but like each letter, Memphians are perfectly placed."
Eso Tolson

What’s shown on the front of the shirt is reflected across the back; because whether you’re from or have been influenced by Memphis, you’ve got an electric energy that flows through you like a current that can’t help but shock others.

It’s not deadly. It’s a defining trait of Memphis’ magnetism.

Click here to shop the first drop of the Choose901 Signature Series

A group of people wearing Shop Choose901's Signature Series t-shirts.
All earnings from this drop go directly to Eso Tolson!

The shop will also feature an assortment of sweatshirts, socks, stickers, tees, hats, and more!

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