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New Choose901 Community Shirts Drop This Week

choose901 community shirts

We are excited to announce that brand new Choose901 Community shirts are here!

choose901 community shirts

The new design will again feature some of the great neighborhoods, communities, and organizations of the 901.

Thanks for being awesome.
Thanks for Choosing the 901.

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Our online shop goes live at 11am daily right here.

How’s it going down?

  • Five designs will drop daily at 11am starting on 3/13 right here.
  • Limited quantities of each design are available Monday through Thursday, and when that design is sold out, it will no longer be available.
  • Friday, there will be 5 designs, each design available in unlimited quantities.

Shopping tips:

  • All the preview images are a default color, per shirt. The color of your shirt won’t change based on your selection.
  • The cart only allows one item at any time. You have to remove it to add a new one.
  • Make sure you select a size and a color before adding the item to your cart.
  • A pickup party will be at Wiseacre Brewing Co on Friday, March 31st from 3pm-7pm.


Who can buy the shirts?
The Choose901 community shirts are available to anyone who wants to purchase them, until they are sold out.

What kind of shirt are they printed on?
The Adult Unisex shirts are printed on the amazingly comfortable cotton blend shirts.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?
Because these shirts are made to order, there will be no extra shirts to exchange sizes for.  Make sure you check out the sizing guide above to order the correct size.

What are the shirts for?
The Choose901 shirts exist to promote areas in Memphis that we all love. These shirts exist to create unity across the city and pride in our communities. Learn more here.

When are the shirts available?
Five new shirts will be made available each day at 11am starting March 13th through March 17th. Limited quantities are available for each design (excluding Friday).

How does the pricing work?
Shirts start at $5 and increase incrementally to $22.

What if me and somebody else try and buy the same shirt at the same time?
As soon as you click “Proceed To Checkout” you will be taken to one of two pages.  If the page asks for your billing information, the shirt is yours.  Otherwise, you will be taken to a page stating that the shirt you are trying to purchase has already been purchased.

Why did the site tell me that the shirt was sold out, but it doesn’t say “Sold Out” across the shirt?
Items will only display “Sold Out” across the shirt after payment has been processed.  There is a period when someone has added a shirt to their cart, but payment has not yet been processed where the shirt will not say sold out, but is unavailable.

How many shirts can I buy at a time?
Only one shirt can be purchased at a time.

How do I get my shirt after I have purchased it?
There will be a t-shirt pickup party at Wiseacre Brewing Co on Friday, March 31st from 3pm-7pm, or you can choose to pay to have it shipped to your home address at checkout.

What colors will the shirts be available in?


  • Know the size and color you want before the store opens.
  • Read all FAQs before your purchase is made.
  • Join our newsletter for updates and pickup party info.
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